ZK International to draft regulations for $1.2bn pipeline upgrade programme

China-based Shenzhen Water Group’s Pipe Network Division has invited ZK International to participate in drafting the product regulations and standards that would be used in Phase II of the $1.2bn Community Pipeline Network Upgrade Program (CPNUP).

ZK International will participate in the drafting of the Corporate Pipeline Construction Manual, which is currently prepared by Shenzhen Water Group.

The manual will standardise product procurement, installation, project review and acceptance.

Following advice from ZK International, stainless steel pipes were adopted as the standard for all indoor pipelines in Phase II.

Shenzhen has already completed Phase I of the Community Pipeline infrastructure upgrade, to serve clean water to three million residents.

ZK International supplied more than 40% of all stainless steel piping for this phase.

The complete budget of Phase II will be allocated to upgrade the pipeline infrastructure for more than 800,000 households in the next five years.

ZK International CEO Jiancong Huang said: "We are very happy that we were able to lend our expertise and provide the CPNUP with input on how to proceed with Phase II, after our successful cooperation during Phase I.

“Furthermore, we will assist in the drafting of the Corporate Pipeline Manual, which will standardise the pipeline infrastructure for renovations and new developments in China."

Shenzhen Water Group produces, transmits, and distributes city water, as well as retrieves and processes polluted water. It also operates, designs and constructs waterworks.