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Air Environment offers air quality consulting, monitoring, predictive modelling, impact assessment and management services to government, industry and community.

We are dedicated to providing a precise, accurate and robust scientific method and results for clients while improving the understanding of air quality standards and practice to society as a whole.

Environmental and air quality consulting

Air Environment is a Brisbane, Australia-based environmental consulting company, specialising in air quality and the atmospheric sciences. We do both desktop and site consulting in Australia and internationally. We contribute meaningful answers to clients and the community about their emissions and air quality impact, using the most appropriate method, data and innovative technology.

Understanding and interpreting our clients’ air quality compliance obligations is the key focus of the Air Environment’s service. We investigate your site operations to provide an optimal, tailored solution in simple and actionable terms.

For example, all sewage handling and water treatment facilities must ensure they comply with their environmental authority in relation to air quality and odour emissions. However, often, operators do not have a comprehensive management plan in place to achieve this. Environmental management requires an understanding of emission sources at each stage of the process and how the surrounding community is impacted. Air Environment offers a range of testing and modelling services to identify issues early. This is a more economical exercise than fixing problems once the community starts to raise complaints.

Our thorough testing and reporting enable managers to prove that responsible and proactive action has been taken to regularly assess air quality and odour compliance requirements.

Air quality services

Air Environment offers the following services:

  • Source gas sampling
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Emissions estimation, benchmarking and inventory development
  • Air dispersion modelling and impact assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Air quality management plans
  • Environmental protection licence advice and negotiation
  • Greenhouse gas emissions assessment
  • Air policy and standards benchmarking and review
  • Technical review
  • Expert advice and testimony

Odour impact assessment

Air Environment has collected thousands of odour samples from a variety of sites and conducted hundreds of odour model simulations. We regularly collect our own odour samples in the field, analyse the results in our state-of-the-art odour testing laboratory and develop odour emission inventories on the basis of laboratory reports, which we use to create atmospheric dispersion models for odour impact assessment.

We operate Australia’s first Scentroid SS600 Dynamic Olfactometer in our Brisbane laboratory. The SS600 is one of the world’s most advanced stationary fully automated laboratory dynamic olfactometers.

With optimal performance, the SS600 enables six simultaneous panellist measurements, shorter sample analysis time, high-accuracy mass flow controllers and advanced contamination control. Operational costs and sample analysis costs are minimised through time savings and reduced sample volume, purge and cleaning times.

The accuracy and speed of the SS600 olfactometer demonstrate Air Environment’s commitment to delivering the most accurate and precise results and information for clients to assist their decision-making and planning in a commercially viable timeframe and within a reasonable budget.

We provide the following odour assessment services:

  • Odour sampling
  • Direct olfactometry at the source
  • Laboratory odour concentration testing (AS4323.3)
  • Laboratory odour intensity and hedonic tone testing (VDI3882.1/2)
  • Ambient odour intensity monitoring and field olfactometry
  • Odour dispersion modelling and impact assessment, including intensity assessment and source impact apportionment
  • Odour management and mitigation strategy
  • Odour control system performance testing
  • Risk assessment
  • Odour policy and standards benchmarking and review
  • Technical review
  • Expert advice and testimony

Olfactometry and air quality measurement equipment

We are the exclusive distributors of Scentroid olfactometry and air quality measurement equipment in Australia and New Zealand. This range of innovative equipment includes: 

  • Stationary, portable and drone-mountable air quality monitors 
  • Laboratory olfactometers 
  • Portable olfactometers for field and laboratory use 
  • Air sampling equipment, including vacuum chambers, wind tunnels and witches hats 
  • Air sample bags – Nalophan, PTFE, Tedlar, stainless steel 
  • Air quality monitoring and modelling software for site emissions and complaints management 

About Air Environment

Air Environment’s consultants understand that not all emissions are created or experienced in the same way, and additional information such as meteorology, terrain and land uses, location of sensitive receptors, and many other variables are required to completely understand the emission’s impact.

Andrew Balch is a well-known Certified Air Quality Professional (CAQP) and the founder of Air Environment. Andrew has 25 years of experience in air quality consulting. He is a pioneer of the field ambient odour assessment methods used in Australia and is considered one of the best odour experts in Australia.

Dr Mike Power is a CAQP and respected air modelling expert with over 25 years of experience in consulting and government regulation. Michael’s PhD focused on particulate monitoring and modelling of wood smoke emissions in Tasmania.  

Erin Williams is a business manager with a focus on working on the education of the market to understand the value of air quality science. Erin’s experience and interest in ethical business practices and social engagement on environmental issues drive Air Environment’s day-to-day operation and philosophy.  

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