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McBerns is a consultant and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the water, wastewater and construction industries.

Odour control filters

McBerns manufacture a wide range of odour control filters. Working with water authorities for more than 25 years, our research and development team have designed the McBerns Mixed Media Filtration system, which provides a superior and cost-effective odour filtration solution.

The system is a multi-stage filtration process which removes the need for temperamental biological systems while providing comprehensive (99.9%) removal of noxious emissions, including H2S, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other noxious gases. All McBerns filters are capable of passive operation, requiring no power or water on site.

Our larger units also offer a powered extraction option where required. Unlike most odour filtration systems, ours are designed around replaceable media cartridges which extend asset life and improve maintenance efficiency.

  • Vent odour filters: These are designed for use on venting pipes of varying diameters: vent stacks, pump station buildings, sewer lines, overflow tanks, holding tanks, manholes, trade waste/grease traps and commercial premises where odours are a problem. They are capable of passively processing emission flows between two litres per second (l/s) and 20l/s with medium H2S levels. Wind assisted fans can be fitted for improved extraction if required
  • Ground mount odour filters: These filters improve onsite safety and maintenance, as all future servicing is carried out at ground level. They are suitable for commercial scale odour problems and are capable of processing emission flows of 60l/s with high H2S levels. They are robust and vandal proof allowing for longevity with exposure to the elements
  • ZC-series odour filters: The ZC range is our largest odour filter option, designed for industrial scale applications with flow rates in excess of 260l/s and extreme H2S levels. These filters come in a variety of sizes and can be customised to suit each client’s requirements. They can operate either passively or with powered extraction. These units are applicable for use on trunk sewerage systems, sewer air release valves, manholes, pump stations, packaged treatment systems, sewer pressure main discharge manholes and treatment plants.

Safety access covers

McBerns has been designing and manufacturing safety access covers and void protection equipment for more than 15 years. In this time, our covers have set new safety standards in void protection.

Originally developed for the wastewater industry the McBerns four-side void protection safety grate design allows for safe, easy access to any deep void while providing an external fall barrier. Our covers are custom-designed to client specifications and can be retrofitted to existing sites. All covers are flush mounted reducing trip hazards and manufactured from high-grade aluminum, significantly reducing lift weights. We design lids for most common load applications, including Load A, B, C and D rated covers. We also offer water and gas tight variants where needed.

Our access covers are specified throughout Australia and New Zealand by major water authorities, consulting engineers and civil contractors in the water, mining and telecommunications industries.

Mcberns AutoWellWasher™

Cleaning and maintenance of a sewage pump station is one of the most hazardous maintenance tasks work crews perform. McBerns developed the patented AutoWellWasher™ to improve worker safety, reduce corrosion of the pump station infrastructure and reduce the need for confined space entry.

The AutoWellWasher™ is an automatic washing device used to keep sewerage pump stations clean and free of fat/grease, using only mains pressure water. Chemicals or dosing equipment are not required. It can be integrated into the pump cycle programme through the electronic circuitry or telemetry. We also supply a pre-programmed electronic timer to help keep the running times to a minimum without losing performance.

The benefits of installing an AutoWellWasher include:

  • Keep your pump stations clean, using fewer than 100l of water per 24h cycle
  • No more manual cleaning and a reduction in confined space entries
  • Reduces infrastructure corrosion
  • Cleaner environment within the pump station, which reduces odours and sulphides
  • Improved sewerage network efficiencies, which reduces maintenance costs
  • No more level sensor failures or blockages
  • Reduces customer complaints

About McBerns

Founded in 1991, McBerns has grown to become an Australian market leader in the provision of odour management products and services and the custom design and manufacture of void protection access covers.

McBerns has become nationally and internationally recognised for providing quality products and services with our operations now extending to most international markets, including the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the US, New Zealand and Asia.

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Australian Company McBerns Opens UK Branch

McBerns Innovative Solutions is pleased to announce the opening of its first UK office in Essex, which forms part of its expansion initiative across the northern hemisphere.

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McBerns specialises in the development and supply of odour management solutions and void protection cover systems for a wide range of industrial facilities.


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Press Release

11th May 2017

McBerns Innovative Solutions is pleased to announce the opening of its first UK office in Essex, which forms part of its expansion initiative across the northern hemisphere.

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