Xylem to provide advanced oxidation process technology for water treatment plant in South Korea

South Korea has selected Xylem’s water technology to produce high quality drinkable water

US-based water technology provider, Xylem, has secured a contract from Korea Water Resources (K-Water) to provide its ultraviolet (UV) advanced oxidation process (AOP) technology to treat municipal drinking water for a new modern industrial zone in South Korea.

As per the contractual terms, Xylem will provide its WEDECO UV K-reactors and WEDECO AOP technology for the existing facility at Siheung wastewater treatment plant, to remove micropollutants in the water and produce high quality drinking water.

The AOP technology uses oxidation and ultra violet rays to disinfect the water.

Xylem Korea managing director Kwang-Yeul Chung said, "We look forward to working with K-Water and bringing the benefits of our extensive experience and advanced water treatment solutions to this project in Korea."

According to Xylem president and CEO Gretchen McClain the company is investing in the right kind of innovative solutions to address the global water challenges.

Using the new technology, the Siheung plant will treat over 26 million gallons of water per day.

For the first time, the UV AOP technology is being used in the country to treat the municipal drinking water system.

The water treatment contract is a part of the Korean government's efforts to develop a new $3bn Sihwa Multi-Tech Valley project that aims to improve regional industrial initiatives, and is being implemented by the K-Water municipality.

Xylem's WEDECO water treatment systems are developed and optimised by research groups comprising doctors, engineers, biologists, and physicists, to ensure water purification using UV and ozone technology.

Image: South Korea has selected Xylem's water technology to produce high quality drinkable water. Photo: Walter J. Pilsak