InEight Construction Project Management Software for the Water and Wastewater Industry

InEight is a construction project management software developer, helping contractors, owners, and engineers to overcome their biggest project challenges.

InEight’s integrated solutions encompass every phase of the water and wastewater asset, including design, estimate, field execution, and turnover.

Integrated project controls platform for the water and wastewater industry

The integrated software offers real-time information and insights needed to reduce risks, improve operational efficiency, and control project costs.

InEight’s integrated project controls platform provides a seamless flow of data between all stakeholders in the life cycle of the water infrastructure asset. The secure, Cloud-based platform was developed for the front office, field, and the jobsite. It can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices and integrated into the existing tools.

Cost estimating software

InEight’s integrated project management platform offers a high level of project certainty. The project cost estimating software delivers accurate estimates by providing a clearer view of the water asset’s historical data. It enables users to capture and leverage actionable information.

InEight offers a complete solution for capital project estimates, bidding software, as well as budgeting and forecasting software. Using InEight’s software, customers are estimating 25% more work with their current staff. InEight’s clients have also improved their win rate and reduced the gap between the estimate and control budget by as much as 50%.

Document management software

InEight offers document management software that reduces the time spent on searching for project documents by 50%. The software helps to manage document control, requests for information (RFIs) and submittals, project correspondence, and job photos. Users can easily access the health, status, and history of their water and wastewater projects in real time.

Work planning software

InEight’s work planning software optimises daily planning and helps to achieve more predictable outcomes. Using augmented intelligence, customers can accelerate plan development, improve accuracy, and manage constraint-free work packages and daily crew plans using intuitive web and mobile applications. InEight’s work planning software optimises field execution management and helps customers to save time and reduce costs.

VDC software

InEight’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) offers optimised management workflows through a collaborative hub for 3D model aggregation. By leveraging a common data environment, users can streamline design coordination and increase clash detection efficiency by more than 200%.

With the VDC software, customers can push quantities from models directly into the cost-estimating solution, which reduces the estimate takeoff time. Users can also create a digital twin, which offers access to a complete history of project data to be used for operations and maintenance over the lifetime of the water infrastructure asset.

About InEight

InEight offers field-tested project management software for owners, contractors, engineers, and architects in various industry sectors worldwide, including infrastructure, energy, mining, public sector and commercial. The company is ISO 27001-certified.

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