Lawrence Engineering Engineering Solutions for the Water, Mining, Rural and Energy Industries

Lawrence Engineering (LE) has been offering high-quality engineering solutions since 1992, with a long history of exemplary customer service and efficient delivery of projects in a variety of sectors such as water, mining, rural and energy.

For all these industries, LE applies a set of work values that rely on quality, safety and completion of work within the scheduled deadlines. The company’s services are delivered by a dedicated professional team with high-level expertise and respect towards the equipment and the company’s systems of product manufacturing and delivery.

Reverse osmosis solutions for water treatment facilities

In the water sector, LE has expanded its blueprint in the industry by a series of successful project completions through supplying cranes and other equipment and providing hiring services for plant and equipment such as lifts, trucks and welders.

One example of the company’s impact on the water sector is the reverse osmosis (RO) system for the Essential Water project, for which Lawrence Engineering was contracted by Osmoflo for mechanical works at the RO plant and equipment. Situated at the Mica Street Water Treatment Plant in Broken Hill, Australia, the project required equipment and infrastructure removal, installation of water pumps and container units, as well as plant commissioning and civil work.

As the RO system project presented challenges regarding existing water supply conditions in Broken Hill in 2015, completing the project within tight deadlines was essential, and LE successfully delivered everything within schedule, which has helped establish a good relationship with Osmoflo as a customer.

Industrial products and services for water projects

The company provides a wide range of products and services for water projects, from materials to equipment processing and hire, managed effectively through a team of tradesmen, operators, painters, assistants, apprentices, management and administration people.

LE services include general crane and equipment hire and CNC plate processing for use across the water, mining, rural and energy industries, as well as more specialised products and services customised for specific work such as water projects. The products are designed and manufactured with a focus on open communication within the team and with the customers to achieve maximum results.

Specialised engineering services for the water industry

The team’s experience in engineering products is combined with the variety of services that fit the needs of each customer and ensure the suitability of the products for the work provided.

Some of the services we provide for the water industry include:

  • Materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and cement-lined mild steel (CLMS) pipe
  • Pipe spooling in all materials
  • Transitions and development sections
  • Poly pipe supply and welding
  • Crane and equipment hire

Equipment hire and CNC plate processing

LE also offers a comprehensive range of cranes and equipment available for hire, suitable for both small and large-scale projects.

We offer several crane options consisting of the Tadano 60T mobile slew crane, the Tidd and Franna 28T pick & carry cranes, Riggers & dogman, Man baskets and spreader bars.

Equipment hire for projects ranges from boom lifts, scissor lifts, 12t beavertail trucks and 9t flat top trucks to portable diesel welders and grit blasting equipment, as well as water pressure cleaners.

Our clients also benefit from our computational numerical control (CNC) plate processing services as a reliable Kinetic K5000 CNC plasma/oxy profile cutting machine that processes metal plates and is utilised in a variety of projects.

Enhanced by a 48HP spindle assembly, a 24-position automatic tool changer and bevel head assembly, as well as a Hypertherm HPR400XD high-definition plasma torch, this technology is an integral tool to engineering enterprises.

About Lawrence Engineering

LE was established in 1992 and is based in the city of Broken Hill, Australia. The company is known for its core values, top-quality craftsmanship and its established relationship of trust with customers. It currently employs about 40 people and has brought together a thoroughly trained staff that works by the company’s quality management, policies and procedures.

With a growing number of projects in its trajectory, LE is committed to maintaining value and respect within its team and across the industries it serves.

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