BW Plastics Custom Plastic Fabrications for Water, Mining and Agriculture Industries

BW Plastics has a history of producing custom plastic products for various industries.

With more than 35 years of experience in custom plastic fabrication, the Western Australian company is adept at fabricating and repairing sheet and pipe products.

BW Plastics offers on-site installation, repair and maintenance services across all industries within the state of Western Australia. Fittings can be sent anywhere in Australia.

Plastic product production and water sector services

The Western Australian company custom makes products for clients with:

– Polyethylene (PE, HDPE and UHMWPE)
– Polyvinylchloride (PVC, UPVC and CPVC)
– Polypropylene (PP)

The experienced organisation serves companies working across many industries which include, but are not limited to:

– Mining / mineral processing
– Commercial plumbing
– Water treatment
– Civil and mechanical engineers and contractors

Customised fittings for mineral, stormwater and extraction applications

The company produces specialised fittings which are used in applications for:

– Mineral processing / mining
– Sewers
– Stormwater
– Pressure
– Dust extraction

All fabricated products are manufactured and tested to meet relevant internal and external standards. Such requirements may include dimensional, pressure, vacuum and labelling standards.

BW Plastics also manufactures custom fittings for sewerage, stormwater and electrical applications, which include bends, junctions, tees, reducers, adaptors, couplings, saddles and running traps. These are generally fabricated in diameters up to 400mm, with larger available.

Custom fabrication products to meet client needs

A key element of the business is its ability to produce custom made fittings, allowing it to fulfil exact customer needs. This aspect gives it a unique competitive advantage, meaning the company can provide:

– Dust extraction covers
– Bladder boxes
– Water treatment components
– Bunding
– PVC sand filters
– PVC fittings for filtration / aeration applications
– Acid baths
– Tanks
– Fume hoods and ducting
– Drip trays
– Hair and lint filters (for the commercial pool industry, with acrylic lids and removable plastic baskets. Made for any pump size).

On-site scheduled or emergency repair and maintenance work

The company’s teams can carry out work during scheduled or urgent situations, such as during processing plant shutdowns through to emergency repairs.

Additionally, BW Plastics’ teams can assemble and mobilise equipment necessary for installing new pipelines, or repairing existing pipelines. This includes the:

– Installation and welding of plastic pipelines to 315mm in diameter
– Repairing of existing pipes, also to 315mm in diameter
– Supply and installation of fittings or custom fittings

On-site safety standards and staff qualifications

For on-site work, the company’s staff members are qualified in:

– Elevated work platforms
– Work safety at heights
– Entering and working in confined spaces
– Skid steer loader operation
– Telehandler / telescopic forklift operation
– Forklift operations

They also hold construction safety awareness cards and are qualified to Senior First Aid standards. Alongside this, the organisation maintains a policy of safety and environmental awareness and follows site regulations.

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Sewer, Storm Water and Electrical Conduit

For over 30 years BW Plastics has been called upon by commercial plumbing contractors and drainage contractors to come up with solutions for custom-made PVC fittings and junctions.

BW Plastics

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BW Plastics

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