Twin Fibra: Forward Flush Micro Filtration

The success of today's liquid treatments goes far beyond what can be captured, cleansed, removed or recycled. In the space between large-scale liquid treatments and the systems available at the level of the individual user; where liquid treatment is of high value to commercial users, economic returns are dependent on how long each process takes, what the equipment costs to operate and maintain, as well as the amount of resources consumed.

The possibility exists to do things differently; to bring together innovative, high-performance treatment technologies into new hybrid configurations for specific applications. Systems where advantages are multiplied between each complementary component. Systems designed to deliver — and recover — more value from every process.

The Fibra Filter is an unique design of micro filtration with forward flush technology. It can be optimised for each application by controlling the degree of compression and fibre characteristics. With Fibra Filter, no expensive consumables are necessary to effect treatment. The filtration unit undergoes automated flush-cleaning procedures. Furthermore it can also be combined with other filtration or separation technologies.

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