Water Purification: Filtration Solutions and Engineered Systems

Parker filtration plays a vital part in water conservation and reclamation, and Parker reverse osmosis systems are a major contributor to desalination of brackish and sea water. Parker's worldwide reputation for leadership and innovation in filtration technology has been dedicated to developing quality filtration and separation products and systems for specific water treatment needs.

Without a suitable supply of water, most industries and processes would come to a dead halt.

Used for cleaning, heating, cooling, conveying and as a component in paints and other liquid products, water keeps production flowing.

Once, water was "free" to plants located on the banks of rivers and the shores of lakes. Today, the competition for water from other industries, agriculture, municipalities and recreational users is demanding innovative ways to discharge, recapture, recondition and reuse industrial and process water.

Parker filters, filtration systems and separators are key elements in the preservation of our limited water supply and our industrial vitality.

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