PRIMOZONE® GM-SERIES – High Concentration Ozone Generators

The Primozone® GM-series ozone generators are built on patented cutting-edge technology that enables ozone production with a very high concentration and at a very high outlet pressure.

The GM ozone generators are energy-efficient, maintenance-free and have a low lifecycle cost.

One of the key advantages with the Primozone® GM-series ozone generator technology is its energy saving capability.

A GM ozone generator can save up to 70% energy compared to a traditional ozone generator.

In comparison it also uses less oxygen and will vary the oxygen consumption according to the capacity used.

Main feature include:

  • Highest ozone concentration - with up to 20 wt%
  • Easy to use - no need for specialist competence to operate and control
  • Highest gas pressure - the absolute gas pressure of 3.2 bars (44 psi) enables for efficient dissolution and distribution of the ozone
  • Lowest oxygen consumption - uses up to half the amount of oxygen which means low energy consumption
  • Maintenance free - made only from stainless-steel and aluminum

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