Greater Amman

National Sustainable Supply Capacity

750 million cubic metres a year

Current Water Demand (all uses)

>1 billion cubic metres a year

Annual Deficit

222 million cubic metres a year (1995); 251 million cubic metres a year (2011 predicted)

Current Annual Allowance Per Capita

180m³ to 200m³

Amman Water Supply Allocation (2003)

96 million cubic metres a year

Total Programme Investment Required to 2012


<b>King Abdullah Canal / Zai WTP Project</b>

Increased Supply to Amman

45 million cubic metres a year

Project Elements

Rehabilitate the four pumping stations between Deir Allah and the Zai WTP; increase pumping capacity by 20%

Project Cost


<b>Zara-Maain Water Project</b>

Increased Supply to Amman

38 million cubic metres a year

Project Elements

Pre-treatment system; desalination plant; 40km transmission pipeline; SCADA, telemetry and monitoring / control systems

Project Cost


<b>Disi-Mudawwara Project</b>

Increased Supply to Amman

100 million cubic metres a year

Project Elements

325km transmission pipeline; 65 new boreholes; well field collectors; 12,000m&#179; collector reservoir; main pumping station and associated balancing tanks; 16,600m&#179; regulating tank; flow contro

Project Cost

$1,000m (estimated)

<b>Red Sea-Dead Sea canal project (The Peace Conduit) </b>

Increased Supply

850 million cubic metres a year fresh water for Jordan, Israel and Palestine

Project Elements

180km combination conduit (tunnel and canal sections) conveying 1.8 billion cubic metres a year of seawater; associated power / RO desalination projects

Project Cost

$800m (estimated)

Disi-Mudawwara Project Feasibility Study


Disi-Mudawwara Preliminary Design Studies


Petra Conference for Donor Nations

November 1997

King Abdullah Canal / Zai WTP Phase 1 Completed

18 May 1998

First Contract Awarded for Restructuring Greater Amman Water Supply System

December 1998

Second Contract Awarded for restructuring Greater Amman water supply system

13 April 1999

Management Contract Awarded for Water Services in Greater Amman

August 1999 (originally for four years, later extended until 2005)

Initial Bids Taken on Disi-Mudawwara Project

Late 2001

Contract Awarded for Greater Amman Water System Rehabilitation and Improvement

14 January 2002

EU-Jordan Association Agreement Start Date

1 May 2002 (formally signed in 1997)

Disi-Mudawwara Project Final Bids Opened

20 August 2003

Zara-Maain Project Awarded / USAID Funding Agreed

29 September 2003

EU Further Funding Agreement Signed

9 March 2004

Zara-Maain Project Completion

August 2006

Disi-Mudawwara Project Ordered

August 2008

Jordanian Agencies

Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI); Jordan Valley Authority; Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ); Irrigation Advisory Service


World Bank; United States Agency for International Development (USAID); European Investment Bank; Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development; the EU; Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau; Germany, Italy

Infrastructure Upgrade Supervision

Lahmeyer International and Sigma Consulting Engineers JVC; CEC / Sajdi & Partners

Network Redesign Contractors

Dorsch Consult; Hazen & Sayer ; The Morganti Group; Montgomery Watson

Network Management

Suez-Lyonnaise des Eaux

DISI Consultants

DHV / Stewart Scott International (SSI); Brown and Root North Africa; Consolidated Consultants (CC)

Zara-Maain Project Main Contractor

Morganti Group / Ondeo Degremeont

Disi-Mudawwara Project Contractor

Gama Power Systems

Other Contractors

Tokyo Sekkei Jimusho (Engineering); Gibb; Camp; Dresser & McKee; Metcalf & Eddy; Harza; CH2MHill; ABT & Associates; Chemonics; Rural Development Associates; Development Alternatives, Inc.