Lesotho Highlands Water Project

Project Type

Water transfer


Kingdom of Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa


Lesotho Highlands Development Authority and Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority

Total Cost


Transfer tunnel between Katse and Mohale

Design and Supervising Consultants

Lahmeyer, Mott Macdonald and Consult 4, including Ninham Shand, VKE Engineers, SRK Consulting and Knight Piesold

Phase 1A

1991 to 1998

Phase 1B

1996 to 2004

Phase Two

Feasibility study conducted

Water Transfer

2,000 million m³ of water annually

Phase 1A

Katse Dam and Transfer Tunnel Supervisor

Lesotho Highlands Consultants

Katse Dam Construction Contractors

Impregilo, Bouygues, Hochtief, Stirling, Kier, Concor and Group 5

Supervising Engineers

Ninham Shand, MJ Mountain, WLPU, SRK, Keeve Steyn and VKE, with Coyne and Bellier, Sogreah and Sir Alexandra Gibb and Partners

Contractors for Tunnelling

Balfour Beatty, LTA, Spie Batignolle, Ed Züblin and Campenon Bernard

Muela Hydropower Station


Lahmeyer MacDonald consortium

Electrical and Mechanical Contractors

SDEM, Neyrpic and Deutsche Babcock

Equipment Supplier

Kvaener Boving, Norelec, ABB Calor Emag Schaltanlagen

Phase 1B

Mohale Dam Supervisor

BKS, Melis and Du Plessis, Snowy Mountains Engineering, Stewart Scott, Harza Engineering and Nippon Koei


Impregilo, Hochtief and Concor joint venture

Mechanical and Engineering

Concor Engineering and ATB join venture

Matsoku Weir and transfer tunnel

Design and Supervision Consultants

Matsoku Diversion Partnership and Consult 4 and Lescon and FMA joint venture

Construction Contractors

Concor, Hotchtief and Impregilo joint venture

Mechanical and Engineering

Concor Engineering and B&W Electrical

Mohale access roads


GIBB and BS Bergman


LTA and Group 5 joint venture

Phase two

Feasibility study contract

Consult 4 and Senqu Engineering Environment and Development Consultants joint venture


World Bank, African Development Bank, European Development Fund, Development Bank of South Africa, European commercial banks and export credit agencies