Cal Water secures 50-year contract to provide water utility service to Travis Air Force Base in US

California Water Service (Cal Water), the largest unit of California Water Service Group, has signed a 50-year agreement with the US Department of Defense to acquire the water distribution assets and provide water utility service to the Travis Air Force Base.

This agreement will commence in 2018, following receipt of the approval of California Public Utilities Commission.

California Water Service president and chief executive Martin A. Kropelnicki said: "We are pleased to partner with the Department of Defense and Travis Air Force Base and serve the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve us and our country.

"We are committed to providing our customers and communities with more than just water, but also with quality, service, and value, and we look forward to doing that here for our military and civilian personnel, and their families."

Travis Air Force Base is located close to Fairfield, California and near Cal Water's Dixon, California service area.

Travis Air Force Base is host to the Air Force's 60th Air Mobility Wing, which is the largest wing in its Air Mobility Command.

This base handles more cargo and passenger traffic through its airport than any other military air terminal in the country.

The water system utilises surface water treated at a water treatment plant and groundwater from five wells, and includes distribution piping, storage tanks, hydrants, and other appurtenances to serve about 15,280 active and reserve personnel and civilians on the 6,400-acre base.

Besides, Cal Water will make initial capital improvements of about $12.7m, with an anticipated capital investment of about $52m over the five decade term of the contract.