ECS Engineering completes pump replacement work at sewage treatment site in UK

ECS Engineering Services has completed the replacement of three Archimedes screw pumps at the inlet of Severn Trent Water’s Mansfield sewage treatment works, which is expected to improve the water treatment infrastructure at the site in the UK.

Located near the River Maun, Mansfield sewage treatment works is engaged in processing wastewater from farms and homes in the surrounding area.

ECS was selected by NMCNomenca, the contractor for Severn Trent Water, to replace the existing screw pumps that had been operational since the 1970s.

ECS Engineering Services project manager Dave Bennion said: “Our Midlands location allows us to service projects such as this across the country, from as far south as Taunton to the central belt of Scotland.”

The three 14t Landustrie screw pumps come with a maximum pumping capacity of 800l per second, with each of them expected to last 30 years in operation.

During the implementation of the contract, the company ensured that operations at the Mansfield site continued by replacing each pump, measuring 13.5m in length, individually.

The replacement work was completed in around eight weeks.

Meanwhile, the original screw pumps were removed and are expected to be transported off site for recycling.

The company plans to take up works related to the hand re-screeding process, which involves rotating the screw at reduced speed and adding screed.

Following this, the company will create a gap of 6mm between the trough and the screw flights in order to provide maximum pumping efficiency.

Additionally, ECS will provide a full maintenance framework to support existing installations, with screw renovations, trough repair and bearing replacement to end users.

This service is expected to increase the efficiency benefits of screw pumps, reducing downtime for operators.