H2O secures contracts for six projects in US

H2O Innovation has secured contracts for six projects in the US, all of which take the corporation’s project sales backlog to $58.2m.

The corporation’s first contract is for a reverse osmosis (RO) system which will be installed for treating Lake Texoma’s water. This lake is located on the Texas and Oklahoma border.

The new RO system will replace the existing conventional and electrodialysis reversal (EDR) system.

In 2015, H2O Innovation secured the contract for the ultrafiltration system (UF) that uses the FiberFlex open-platform, for this same municipality.

With this latest contract, the customer will be able to save more time and money due to the integration of the new RO system within the existing UF system.

This extension will ensure that the system treats 11.3 MGD (42,775 m3/day) of ultrafiltered water and 5 MGD (18,927 m3/day) of effluent through RO process.

The second project secured by H2O Innovation is for installation of skid mounted nanofiltration (NF) system, which will help expand the existing system that was deployed by the corporation in 1999.

Shipped by boat, the system will produce 0.4 MGD (1,308 m3/day) of potable water for a municipality in Alaska.

H2O Innovation has secured two contracts from two municipalities in Montana. The first contract is from a wastewater facility which will use the corporation’s new flexMBR open-platform membrane bioreactor (MBR).

For the process for separation of solids, flat sheet membranes will be used to help meet regulatory requirements.

The second contract requires installation of a FiberFlex UF system to deliver municipal drinking water.

The corporation has also won two smaller water treatment projects – one for a reverse osmosis facility in Florida and the other for FiberFlex UF installation in Michigan.

H2O Innovation engineering division vice president and general manager Denis Guibert said: “We are very proud of the wide diversity of technologies used in these new projects that span our core competencies: ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and membrane bioreactors.

“These new flexMBR and FiberFlex contracts also confirm the Corporation’s ability to build on an expanding market trend for flexibility and contractual freedom for membrane asset management.”