IDModeling deploys Smart CIP for integrated asset management of water, wastewater systems

IDModeling, a provider of smart water software and services, has deployed Smart CIP for integrated, dynamic asset management of water & wastewater systems.

Sedaru's Smart CIP technology offers a lightweight, easy-to-use platform for utilities to connect their data, experience, and institutional knowledge to quantify and prioritise capital improvement projects (CIPs) to consistently measure and increase return-on-investment (ROI). 

Sedaru Smart CIP is being deployed to water/wastewater utilities across the US, including the City of Santa Ana, California. 

Santa Anna City senior civil engineer Rudy Rosas said: "We're very excited about the power and ease-of-use of Smart CIP.

"The information systems we've already integrated to the Sedaru platform – including our GIS, hydraulic model, SCADA, production reports, and mobile asset management – are being leveraged to improve our internal communications, collaboration, and insight into smart, data-driven, defensible asset management projects."

Sedaru's smart water operating software serves as the single source of data to the enterprise, unifying static, silo'd systems, and distributing real-time analytics to the organisation for both asset and operational management so that utilities can anticipate operations, understand impacts, and solve problems with situational awareness from the office to the field.

IDModeling chief product officer Kevin Koshko said: "Smart CIP addresses the historic challenges of facing utilities today, including aging infrastructure, water scarcity, and looming water rate increases, within a platform that advances utility business systems from static, desktop technology to the integrated, analytics-driven, real-time decision support system of the 21st century. 

"Smart CIP powers informed decision making, identifying the projects with the greatest benefit and ROI to the utility and its ratepayers.

"We've drawn upon our decades of experience working with utility data sets, hydraulic models, and capital improvement programs to deliver a one-of-a-kind tool that leverages existing data and delivers an extremely high ROI to the utility."