Modern Water to provide ABMC techology to Indian textile firm for wastewater treatment

Modern Water has announced that after the successful pilot testing in December 2016, it has secured the first sale of its All-Membrane Brine Concentration (AMBC) technology.

The firm will offer AMBC technology to treat wastewater produced by an India-based customer involved in the textile dyes industry.

This project will be implemented in partnership with Advent Envirocare Technology.

AMBC system will be built into a new facility, with completion and commissioning in India scheduled for mid-2017.

Modern Water chief executive officer Simon Humphrey said: "It is testament to the strength of our technology and the professionalism of our partners at Advent Envirocare, that the first sale of our AMBC system has occurred so quickly after the successful completion of the pilot in December last year.

"When the customer's facility is up and running, we are confident that our technology will demonstrate the substantial improvements we can offer to other industries, thereby allowing us to target new markets."

The firm's technology is claimed to enable customers to achieve higher brine concentrations, when compared to traditional multi-stage and complex techniques such as water recycling and zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

The higher concentrations achieved allow decrease in waste water volume, which is necessary for the subsequent brine crystalliser treatment, thereby ultimately resulting in minimum operating costs for customers.

Modern Water also developed the Forward Osmosis desalination technology, which consumes less energy and enhances water quality.