National Water Company begins work on water storage plant in Saudi Arabia

National Water Company starts work on a water storage tank in Jeddah.

The National Water Company (NWC) has commenced work on the first phase of a water storage plant in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, at a cost of SAR500m ($133.3m).

The 1.5 million cubic metres-capacity storage facility is expected to be complete in about 24 months.

To be implemented in Buraiman, the water storage plant will ensure reliable water supply in the city and supply 4.5 million cubic metres of water in the second, third and fourth phases.

Upon the completion of the plant, at a total cost of about SAR2.2bn ($586.6m), total water storage capacity is expected to reach 6 million cubic metres, reported the Arab News.

As a part of the first phase, NWC will set up four concrete water storage tanks each with a capacity of 375,000m³.

In support of the storage plant project, the company will also build water pipelines from the desalination plant to the Faisaliya water tank at a cost of SAR99m ($263m).

NWC will also construct a pipeline from Faisaliya to Buraiman at a cost of SAR93m ($24.7m), set up a pumping station in Faisaliya for SAR70m ($18.6m) and take up another project for SAR120m ($32m).

The company is also planning to construct a storage plant with a capacity of 800m³ in the southern region of Najran, for SAR100m ($26.6m).

Image: National Water Company starts work on a water storage tank in Jeddah. Photo: Maheedharg