Sri Lanka to invest in Uganda’s water project; Wabag to provide technical support

: Sri Lanka plans to invest in Uganda’s water project and improve supply and distribution of safe and drinkable water.

The Sri Lankan government has announced plans to invest $150m in a water project and provide safe and drinkable water to the residents of the Western Uganda.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, who visited Sri Lanka in November 2012, was highly moved by the advanced water treatment and distribution system in the country, and requested for technical assistance from companies to provide similar solutions in Uganda.

The Sri Lankan unit of India-based VA Tech Wabag, a multinational company specialising in water treatment for municipal and industrial users, following the President's visit, sent a three member team to Uganda to explore and study the potential of water sector in the country, reported New Vision.

VA Tech Wabag's three member delegation met Ugandan President and showed their willingness to work towards providing safe and potable water to the residents in the region.

Sri Lanka Consul General of Uganda Kana V Kananathan was also present during the meeting between the President and Wabag delegates.

During his visit to Sri Lanka, President Museveni also assured the government that Uganda needed investors and sought investment for the country.

Apart from investments, the President also sought expertise from Sri Lankan government to develop more hydro power projects, to add to the three mini hydro power projects that are already in operation in Uganda.

Image: Sri Lanka plans to invest in Uganda's water project and improve supply and distribution of safe and drinkable water. Photo: Courtesy of Bob Metcalf.