WaterTrax, Accelerated Technology partner for LIMS solutions

Canada-based software provider of water and wastewater data management products, WaterTrax, has partnered with Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) for laboratory information management system (LIMS) solutions for the water and wastewater industry.

The partnership is expected to offer full interoperability, and benefit water and wastewater customers by the seamless integration and automated data transfer between ATL's LIMS into WaterTrax.

WaterTrax provides water and wastewater data management products to organisations to better manage their operational and maintenance data and assets, while complying with regulatory requirements.

The software suites combine all the critical data from various input methods, including data uploads or transfers from in-house and contract laboratories that utilise LIMS systems.

WaterTrax Sales director Andrew Lewis said, "The partnership builds on the strong relationship we have with laboratory partners and our clients to enable easy, error-free and fast uploading of their laboratory test results directly into WaterTrax from ATL's LIMS solutions."

Accelerated Technology Laboratories sales and marketing director Laura Lee Williford said, "The partnership with Watertrax will formalise the integration we have been providing our customers for the past eight years to ensure direct, seamless integration to eliminate transcription errors and ensure the highest data quality."

WaterTrax can now easily integrate with ATL's LIMS products such as Sample Master and TITAN LIMS solutions.

Customers can benefit from the Sample Master Pro LIMS, a modular, feature-rich product that offers flexibility to purchase only the modules as per the need.

ATL also offers TITAN, a laboratory enterprise resource planning system that manages purchase orders, inventory, LIMS operations, financials, product specifications, MSDS, and sophisticated reporting.