West Kelowna seeks funding for new water treatment plant

West Kelowana, a city in British Columbia, Canada, has applied to the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund for funding to build a new water treatment plant at the Rose Valley Reservoir.

The application was submitted on 10 November, early to the 23 November deadline.

The construction of new multi-barrier water treatment plant is estimated to cost C$53.5m ($39.6m) and through the application, West Kelowana is seeking 83% of the total costs amounting to C$44.4m ($32.9m).

The new construction project involves transmission main changes to connect the Lakeview water system with the Pritchard, Sunnyside and West Kelowna Estates water systems.

The project is commenced as the current treatment through chlorination is not sufficient to balance the turbidity levels caused in the reservoir due to algae blooms, making the water unfit for drinking.

The application submitted requests for funding to install transmission mains for connecting the four water systems.

The connections are expected to impact 6,200 customers as well as one quarter of the businesses in West Kelowna.

Clean Water and Wastewater Fund was launched this September by the governments of Canada and the Province of British Columbia to facilitate the rehabilitation of water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure along with the planning and design of future facilities and to upgrade existing systems.

The fund currently has C$373.6m ($277m) to aid infrastructure projects and it offers a maximum of 83% of total costs to eligible projects.

Of the total 83% funding, 50% is contributed by the government of Canada, while 33% by British Columbia.

The remaining funding would come from the municipality and announcements related to this will be made next year.