Alpha-Purify UV Disinfection Technology for the Water Industry

Alpha-Purify is a leading provider of UV disinfection solutions for industrial water treatment applications.

Our product portfolio includes an innovative line of advanced UV lamp systems, which have been specially designed for the disinfection of drinking water, stormwater and wastewater.

We also offer a variety of high-quality accessories and auxiliary equipment such as O-rings, quartz sleeves and power supplies to ensure optimum operational efficiency.

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection solutions for water facilities

Targeted exposure to UV light disrupts the DNA of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, which destroys their nucleic acids and ultimately leaves them unable to perform vital cellular functions such as reproduction.

Alpha-Purify offers an extensive catalogue of germicidal UV lamps, which are contained and sealed within a robust quartz sleeve for added protection. Wastewater passes these tubes when the lamps are ignited and transmitting UV light in order to neutralise any harmful organisms present in the fluid.

Our chemical-free UV disinfection processes have proven to be an effective and cost-efficient method of treating wastewater from a wide range of sources, including hotels and leisure facilities, oil and gas production plants, mining operations and municipal treatment centres.

However, optimum disinfection performance is dependent on the correct calculation of the ‘dosage’ of UV light, which is subject to the flow rate of the system and UV transmittance properties of the water itself.

For example, fluid containing multiple floating particles and / or impurities will prevent UV radiation from adequately reaching all the microbes, affecting purification results accordingly.

Medium-pressure UV lamps for water disinfection processes

 Alpha-Purify’s parent company Alpha-Cure was originally established in 1996 and has since expanded to become one of the world’s premier manufacturers of medium-pressure UV lamps over the past two decades.

We focus our extensive industry expertise entirely on industrial disinfection applications, developing proprietary lamps for UV disinfection operations. In addition, we provide replacements and spare lamp units for other prominent third-party suppliers such as Berson, Wedeco, Hanovia, Bio UV and Trojan.

We offer a complete portfolio of UV lamp systems with wattages between 200W-50kW and power intensity levels from 50W/cm to 550W/cm depending on the intended application. Our lamps can be supplied in diameters ranging from 10mm-46mm with arc lengths of 3cm-3.5m to suit a wide range of deployment locations and operational needs.

Our germicidal technologies can be made-to-order for optimum compatibility with clients’ existing infrastructure and our lamp selection includes round, pinch seal and return-wire options in both double and single ended configurations according to customer specifications.

Alpha-Purify’s catalogue of sockets comprises 150 different types, including ceramic and metal variants, and the company is also able to supply framed UV lamp systems upon request.

Low-pressure and amalgam UV lamps for water operators

Alpha-Purify is able to supply low-pressure UV disinfectant lamps that produce monochromatic radiation with a wavelength of 254 nanometres (nm), which make them ideal for deployment in industrial sterilisation operations.

Our low-pressure germicidal systems have a service-life of up to 12,000 hours and can convert up to 40% of their power into UV radiation to facilitate reliable, efficient and economical operation.

We offer amalgam systems featuring mercury alloys, which deliver a higher UV output than our regular lamps due to their ability to be powered at a greater wattage, while maintaining a low rate of pressure. However, the comparatively high temperatures generated by their operation render them unsuitable for some applications, including use with still or stagnant water.

The company is able to supply replacement or spare lamps with short lead-times and competitive prices upon request.

Customised UV disinfection equipment for the water sector

Alpha-Purify works directly with equipment manufacturers throughout the design process to ensure that all custom-made UV lamps meet the specifications and requirements of their intended application.

Our dedicated research and development (R&D) department take an active role in the production process to confirm that each UV lamp system is carefully tailored to achieve maximum performance in its deployment environment.

UV disinfection system accessories for industrial applications

Alpha-Purify stocks a broad selection of accessories to complement its line of UV disinfection solutions, including ballasts, O-ring seals and electronic power supplies to facilitate optimum reliability and performance.

We also provide open-ended and domed quartz sleeves for UV lamp units in a range of diameter configurations in accordance with clients’ own specifications.

Our experienced sales team possesses in-depth knowledge of UV systems and components and are able to match accessories to specific products, which ensures customers are provided with the most effective solution for their individual needs.

Our advanced UV lamps can be supplied in low-pressure, medium-pressure and amalgam configurations.

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Alpha-Purify To Exhibit at SeaAsia Singapore in April 2019

UV disinfection lamp manufacturer Alpha-Purify is delighted to be exhibiting at the prestigious SeaAsia event in April 2019.

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UV Lamps and Accessories for Pool and Spa Disinfection

Alpha-purity supplies and manufactures high-quality ultraviolet (UV) lamps, quartz sleeves, o-rings and power supplies for UV disinfection treatment of water in Aquatics, Pools and Spas.


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UV disinfection lamp manufacturer Alpha-Purify is delighted to be exhibiting at the prestigious SeaAsia event in April 2019.

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Leonard House

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