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ANDRITZ Pumps is a leading provider of high-quality pumping systems for industrial water resource management and wastewater disposal applications.

Our reliable and cost-effective products are an ideal solution for a wide range of desalination, irrigation, flood protection and water supply projects.

Customised pumping systems for water applications

ANDRITZ specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of both centrifugal and submersible pumps systems, as well as a number of powerful and efficient motor units.

Our expert personnel possess decades of experience and a comprehensive understanding in the use of cutting-edge pump technology and hydraulic machinery, and our versatile pumps can be supplied as standard or customised to meet customers’ unique operational requirements.

The company is able to offer clients support through the entire project lifecycle, from development work, engineering design and model tests to project management, after-sales support, maintenance and staff training.

Versatile single-stage pumps for efficient water transportation

ANDRITZ’s single-stage centrifugal pump is a robust unit that offers efficient results and long service life. The pump is designed for use in a wide variety of water industry environments and can be equipped with a closed, semi-open or open impeller depending on the intended deployment scenario.

Our single-stage, axial split case pumps are cost-effective, low-maintenance systems that are able to achieve efficiency rates of more than 90%. Their design features a double-flow radial impeller and in-line casing, which allows for either horizontal or vertical installation.

ANDRITZ split case pumps are especially useful for integration with water treatment and water supply systems, as well as irrigation, flood control and desalination activities.

Pumps are manufactured according to EN 733, ISO 2858 and 5193 requirements to ensure they meet the latest performance and safety standards.

Multi-stage pumping devices for aggressive fluid conveyance

ANDRITZ’s versatile multi-stage axial split case pumps can be equipped with an optional impeller arrangement in either single or double flow design, and are able to effectively perform various application needs in the water and wastewater sectors.

These pumps have been specifically optimised for the transportation of pure, slightly contaminated, or aggressive liquids in water supply projects and desalination plants environments.

The company also provides multi-stage axial split case pumps, which are heavy-duty and innovatively engineered pumping systems that are easily adaptable to clients’ specific requirements.

Additionally, we offer multi-stage, radial split case pumps capable of achieving high pressure rates, available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. These high-pressure pumps can be fabricated in cast iron, bronze, aluminium-bronze, or stainless steel.

ANDRITZ multi-stage pumps are long-lasting, highly efficient and economical solutions that have been tested to ensure they are able to meet the most demanding customer requirements in an array of high-pressure municipal and industrial situations.

Vertical line shaft pumps for industrial water supply

ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps are available in pull-out or non-pull-out variants and can be manufactured from a variety of materials upon request. The pumps can also be equipped with hydraulically adjustable impeller blades.

These vertical line shaft pumps are able to achieve premium-quality performance in a number of areas, including the supply of drinking and industrial water, irrigation and drainage, in addition to flood control and desalination processes.

Vertical volute pumps to optimise flow rates

ANDRITZ vertical volute pumps are available with either concrete or metal volute components, and can be supplied either with our without guide vane mechanisms depending on customer preference and the intended application.

The hydraulic dimensioning, shaping and design requirements of the volute casing depend on the specific output characteristics of the intended site of installation, and the company is able to tailor systems for individual projects and applications in order to optimise flow rates and the overall efficiency of operations.

Submersible motor pumps for water distribution and dewatering applications

ANDRITZ is able to provide an extensive catalogue of multi-stage submersible motor pumps in both single and double flow variants.

These systems require minimum servicing and maintenance, and their hard-wearing, modular design offers prolonged and cost-effective serviceability without the need to compromise on flexibility.

Our submersible pumps are deployable in all areas of water procurement, water distribution and dewatering, including a range of mining, marine and offshore industry applications.

Free-flow wastewater pumps for abrasive media

ANDRITZ’s wet or dry mounted sewage pumps can be customised with a number of varying impeller shapes according to individual project requirements, as well as the nature of the fluid to be transported.

The company’s dry-installed vortex pumps are robust, heavy-duty units that have been designed to convey heavy sludge containing large particles and abrasive media without excessive wear, clogging or abrasion.

We also provide a number of free-flow pumping units that feature an exceptionally large cross section and open channel within the spiral casing, as well as wet sewage pumps for the hassle-free transportation of sewage, wastewater and all manner of sludge within the municipal, industrial and private sectors.

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Press Release

ANDRITZ to Provide Irrigation Pumps for Egyptian Facility

Austria-based plant engineering specialist ANDRITZ is pleased to announce that the company has received an order from CONCORD for Engineering and Contracting, Cairo, Egypt, for the provision of 17 vertical line shaft pumps and associated spare parts.

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High-Performance Pumps and Motors for the Water Industry

ANDRITZ is a specialist supplier of pioneering hydraulic machinery for industrial applications, building on decades of design and manufacturing experience to provide our customer base with reliably high-quality solutions.


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Press Release

15th February 2018

Austria-based plant engineering specialist ANDRITZ is pleased to announce that the company has received an order from CONCORD for Engineering and Contracting, Cairo, Egypt, for the provision of 17 vertical line shaft pumps and associated spare parts.

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18th September 2017

Global pumping solutions provider ANDRITZ is pleased to announce it has received an order for 27 vertical volute pumps from Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL), based in Hyderabad, India.

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ANDRITZ GROUP Headquarters

Stattegger Strasse 18




+43 316 6902 0

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