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DAC Electric

DAC Electric is an international electro-technical company that produces specialised motors and drive solutions.

Direct drive solutions for the water industry

DAC Electric’s low-speed motors are exclusively designed for the direct drive of low-speed pumps. By eliminating the gearbox, end-users save space and installation costs. It gives more freedom in the layout design and creates a much cleaner machine room. System service intervals are reduced substantially and remote monitoring suits this solution perfectly.

The combination of fewer components and simpler configuration reduces plant engineering hours, facilitates installation, allows more efficient use of floor space and reduces spare part inventories.

Permanent magnet technology motors

DAC Electric’s permanent magnet (PM) motors deliver more power from a smaller frame size when compared with squirrel-cage motors. Using permanent magnet motors also means less maintenance and higher overall efficiency, up to super premium-efficiency (IE4 / IE5).

Fed by frequency converters, the permanent magnet motors are characterised by excellent controllability and adjustability, even without a pulse encoder, in addition to easy plant integration and assured system configuration.

Dredge pump motors

The output power range of DAC Electric’s dredge pump motors are available in low-voltage and medium-voltage models of up to 6,000kW.

They are very compact and have a solid construction, which is essential for severe circumstances in which they operate. The basis forms a welded frame, giving these motors a high-degree of flexibility in construction assembly.

Due to the dry design, the motors have a high-efficiency, reduced weight and simple service requirement (maxiumum depth of 60m).

Submersible slurry pump motors

With standardised outputs ranging between 7.5kW and 250kW, DAC Electric submersible motors cover most of the slurry pump range. These heavy-duty motors are designed and constructed for extreme conditions.

Users can choose either a premium efficiency or higher service factor as an electrical characteristic, which all depend on the kind of solids handled by the pump. With DAC Electric’s submersible slurry pump motors, the company ensures high-performance and long-lasting reliability.

Benefits of reliable, durable motors and drives

DAC Electric’s products offer various benefits, including:

  • Longer reliability due to low-speed
  • Higher overall efficiency of a drive system
  • Excellent controllability and adjustability
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Service and installation-friendly
  • Environmental friendly due to oil-free surroundings
  • Smaller spare part inventory

Industrial maintenance and management services

DAC Electric provides a wide range of project management and industrial services for onshore and offshore facilities, including:

  • Supply chain management
    • Stock and express delivery
    • Spare parts inventory
  • Project management
    • Turnkey projects
    • Temporary employment
  • Engineering
    • Prototyping
    • Reverse engineering
  • Repair and customisation
    • Modifications and improvements
    • Refurbishment and reconditioning
  • Field services
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Analysis and diagnosis

About DAC Electric

DAC Electric’s innovation and technology centre is based in the Czech Republic, with sales and support partners worldwide.

The company develops, manufactures and supplies specialised electric machines and drives, as well as provides clients with advice, engineering and the most suitable, reliable and cost-effective drive solutions.

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