Darling Pumps Slurry and Dredger Pumps

Darling pumps manufacture sewage, wastewater, dewatering, ETP, slurry, dredging, aeration, irrigation, water supply, fountain and cascades high-rise building and aquaculture pumps.

Submersible slurry pumps

Submersible heavy-duty slurry pumps handle settled and very-abrasive slurries containing solids of the desired size and concentrations up to 50%. Darling abrasion-resistant dredger pumps are ideal for the tough working conditions associated with mines, and can be conveniently maintained on-site. The agitator on the main shaft enables them to rise, and convey liquid and mixtures with medium-high specific weight.

DR series dredger pumps

The Darling DR series dredger pump’s advanced agitation system, special sealing-system and motor design provides reliability and lower installation-cost, and reduces the frequency of sump pump failures.

The Darling DR Series submersible dredger pump’s compact design eliminates the overhead support structure required by a vertical sleeve bearing or cantilever pump. Pump installation and removal times are significantly reduced, and the time and expense of pump-to-motor alignment eliminated.

Submersible dredger pumps

As the dredger pump is submersible, plant flooding does not disrupt it, and mechanical seal failure due to dry running is eliminated. An external clean-water support system for sleeve bearing and packing box lubrication and cooling is unnecessary, minimising water-treatment costs.

An agitator prevents solids from blocking the pumps inlet and mixes them with the liquid, creating slurry that can easily be handled by the dredger pump.

Dredger pump motor

To reduce motor failure, the sealing of our heavy-duty dredger pump motors is designed to prevent any pumped liquid (which may contain abrasive particals) from penetrating the mechanism.

The motor is wound with high-temperature resistant, polypropylene coated, waterproof, submersible winding-wires, and protected with both a moisture protector, and thermal protection to prevent over-heating. This ensures a uniform temperature and better heat-dissipation, and stops external media entering.

Dredger pump sealing-system

The seal-faces work in an oil bath which provides better heat dissipation and lubrication, increased lifespan and improved reliability. The silicon-carbide primary seal is mounted in clean oil, providing constant lubrication and cooling to its faces.

Homogeneous-flow impeller vanes

A large passage ensures efficient pumping at all times. The impeller vanes are designed to ensure a homogeneous flow, minimising the separation of solids from the carrying liquid, ensuring extremely-low wear rates and sustained hydraulic efficiency.

The impeller is hardened for maximum wear-resistance, guaranteeing reliable operation and a long lifespan.

Dredger pump material agitator

Our hard-wearing, impact-resistant dredger pump material agitator mixes, homogenises and transports slurry.

Water-jet nozzles

The water-jet nozzles are angled to mix and move settled solids and improve agitation effectiveness.

JUMBO TUFF: dewatering pump

The Darling JUMBO TUFF series pump is a major break through in dewatering pump technology. In last couple of years the pumping needs of customers worldwide have evolved tremendously. To match these needs, and in its quest to offer a complete solution to its global customers, Darling Pumps has introduced a new age dewatering pump-JUMBO TUFF.

The unmatched features of these pumps include:

  • Very robust and portable
  • Special non-clogging design
  • Non-clog impellers for unmatched water resistance
  • Special series to handle high liquid temperature available
  • Ideally suited to withstand tougher pumping requirements in mines

JUMBO dewatering pumps are economical and compact in design, lightweight, and easy to install and maintain. They also feature centre line discharge, and can be used for pumping water contaminated with send and gravel.

Submersible unclog-pumps

Darling Pumps’ submersible unclog pumps are ideal for handling raw sewage, slurry, effluent and industrial waste. Submersible unclog pumps can handle solids up to 125mm from 2.2kW to 55kW, with heads up to 52m and discharge up to 900m³/hr.

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