Nelson Irrigation Sprinklers, Pressure Regulators and Control Valves for Industrial and Agricultural Use

Nelson Irrigation supplies advanced Rotator® technology sprinkler systems, as well as pressure regulators, control valves, and Big Gun® water jets for agricultural and industrial applications.

Pivot sprinklers for agricultural use

Nelson Irrigation’s Pivot Rotator® sprinklers offer substantial water coverage for drop tubes and closely match soil infiltration rates in tests. This provides increased efficiency as water is not lost as runoff, which can be caused by sprinklers that do not apply water at a rate that matches the infiltration of the soil.

Large-volume sprinkler systems

Nelson Irrigation is a leading provider of large-volume sprinklers that have a high level of quality and performance, along with technical support. Big Gun® sprinklers are designed to have optimal precision for product reliability and a long lifespan.

All Big Gun® solutions undergo strict inspection tests to ensure they meet quality control standards within the water industry.

Rotating sprinklers for solid set and row crop irrigation

Nelson Irrigation’s Rotator® sprinklers have a precise and simple design that distributes water in uniform patterns and enhances reliability. They ensure that application rates are reduced, as well as keeping costs and maintenance to a minimum.

The design directs the water stream from the nozzle into an offset channel on the rotor plate, creating a reactionary drive force. There is a viscous silicone fluid in the rotor motor, which controls the rotation speed.

Rotator® sprinklers are available in options that provide a flow ranging from 9gal per hour to 8.5gal per minute, or 34l per hour (lph) to 1,935lph, with throw radius options from 7ft to 50ft (2.1m to 15.2m). They are available for solid-set, wheel-line, permanent set and portable applications.

Control valves and pressure regulators for optimised irrigation processes

Nelson Irrigation control valves help optimise irrigation systems by enhancing functionality and efficiency of air and water.

Control valves are designed to regulate pressure fluctuations and water hammers in sprinkler systems, which can damage pumps and break pipes, affecting efficiency. This optimises the use of water and energy for an improved irrigation system.

Nelson Irrigation provides a range of pressure regulators for sprinkler systems in tough field conditions. Products are tested for quality assurance and the patented technology improves plug resistance to provide a high level of accuracy and a long lifespan.

Wireless control systems for automated irrigation

Nelson Irrigation offers a range of TWIG® wireless control systems for its products to automate the irrigation process and increase accuracy.

TWIG® systems can be connected to Nelson Irrigation’s 800 Series Control Valves, along with the TD200 Controller to automate solid or permanent set installations, expandable with up to 100 control systems.

Systems can be used with Rotator® sprinklers in nurseries, orchards or vineyards, as well as with Big Gun® systems in agricultural and industrial applications.

Nelson Irrigation offers stake and tubing solutions for sprinklers that are designed with durable and UV-resistant flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The range has been adapted to feature a wide variety of stake and tubing options for the latest Rotator® sprinkler range. Products are fast and simple to install with easy cleaning.

Software for customised irrigation designs

Nelson Irrigation provides software for suppliers worldwide to create their own irrigation designs for optimal operation.

The software allows clients to create a design for a complete system, organise projects, generate quotes, and analyse sprinkler uniformity in order to optimise planned sprinkler systems before they are bought.

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