SECURA Melt-Blown Filter Cartridges

SECURA manufactures melt-blown polypropylene filter media for liquid and air filtration and filter cartridges for liquid filtration at absolute, nominal and economical grades. Production is based on SECURA’s own patented melt-blown technology.

SECURA’s staff are also active in designing filtering systems to meet the requirements of individual applications in a variety of industries, e.g. water filtration for beverages, juices, beers, pharmaceuticals, paints filtration for manufacturers and the automotive industry. Systems are also designed for the domestic potable water filtration market.

Absolute filters

SECURA’s absolute filters achieve 99.98% (β =5,000) filtering efficiency, keeping low pressure drop and very high dust loading capacity. Due to the carefully designed internal structure of the filter, 100% of the filter’s volume is active in the filtration process (depth filters). Due to our unique patented production technology, SECURA’s filters keep high rigidity and do not allow the filter material to collapse under the increasing pressure during filtration.

Filters are mostly made with:

  • 64mm O.D. and 28mm I.D. as double open end (with or without gaskets) or single open end with Code 3 or Code 7 endcaps. Typical lengths: 10in, 20in, 30in, 40in – FRA type
  • 120mm O.D., 28mm I.D., 10in, 20in, 30in lengths, DOE – BSA type
  • 140mm O.D., 90mm I.D., 23in and 40in lengths, SOE- FON type
  • 6in O.D., 4.5in I.D., 20in and 40in lengths, DOE- CLA type

Nominal filters

The filtering efficiency of SECURA’s nominal filters is kept at a 95% level, optimising the cost of filtration by minimising pressure drop and maximising the service life of the filter. Due to these feathers, nominal filters are made in the widest variety of diameters and lengths:

  • 64mm O.D., 28mm I.D. – 5in, 7in, 9 ¾in, 20in, 30in, 40in lengths, DOE – FRN type
  • 120mm O.D., 28mm I.D. – 10in, 20in, 30in lengths, DOE – BSN type
  • 140mm O.D., 90mm I.D. – 20in and 40in lengths, DOE – FON type
  • 6in O.D., 4.5in I.D. – 20in and 40in lengths, DOE – CLN type

Economical filters

The filtering efficiency of SECURA’s economical filters is kept at a 80% level, minimising the cost of filters. Low pressure drop and reasonably long service life make them suitable for domestic potable water applications. The filter dimensions are prepared for typical plastic housings:

  • 60mm O.D., 28mm I.D. – 5in, 7in, 9 ¾in, 20in lengths, DOE – FRE type
  • 110mm O.D., 28mm I.D. – 10in, 20in lengths, DOE – BSE type

International distribution

SECURA is a leading manufacturer in Eastern Europe and markets its products through an international distribution network. Since January 2001 SECURA has joined the AQUA group of companies, supporting manufacturers of plastics housings, dosing pumps, self-cleaning filters and pump accessories.

SECURA’s staff of 35 includes four PhD specialists and six senior engineers to provide ongoing R&D support for production and engineering services for customers.

The AQUA group of companies is intensively developing products for domestic, semi-industrial and industrial filtration. Check our website – you can expect something new every day.

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