Bitcontrol Software for the Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Bitcontrol is the developer of AQUA DESIGNER, a software tool used for the planning of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) processes, that range from mechanical biological systems to the treatment of sludge.

Variations of calculations, processes and construction can be customised, with planning supported by numerous auxiliary functions.

Calculations for wastewater treatment plants processes

Processes and key functions include the grit and grease chamber, continuous activated sludge system, sequencing batch reactor (SBR) and a membrane bioreactor (MBR).

The software tool can be used for both anaerobic and aerobic sludge treatment. Additionally, it covers buffer tanks, oxygen efficiency, estimated operation costs, as well as machine and measuring lists.

One of the special characteristics of AQUA DESIGNER is the consistent guidance provided to the user via a flow diagram. From just a glance, you can see the current processing status, the selected method of design or process, and possible alternatives.

You will receive detailed and clear documentation of all calculations. Computing formulas are shown so that the calculation method is comprehensible. In these printouts, you will also find detailed information such as load variation, oxygen efficiency, sedimentation lines, mass evaluation or buoyancy and a list of operational costs.

Software for wastewater treatment plant design and processes

AQUA DESIGNER can be used for a number of purposes, including developing a new plant, evaluating economic efficiency, calculating mass and oxygen efficiency (SAE), checking existing plants (or their individual parts), pipe, mass and lifting calculation, and directly comparing calculation methods.

Cleaning methods that can be integrated with AQUA DESIGNER include carbon degradation, nitrification, denitrification, external P precipitation, and carbon dosage.

Calculations for sludge treatment processes

With sludge treatment according to DWA-M 368, an important component of the planning of treatment plants has been integrated in AQUA DESIGNER.

Taking sludge treatment into account, AQUA DESIGNER covers dimensioning of the primary settling tank and gravity thickening, anaerobic digestion with the production of gas, current and heat, load and quantity balance of supernatant and sludge. It also covers the consideration of internal cycles, and the extension of operation costs by the yield of the use of digester gas.

Planning for wastewater treatment plants at the biological stage

The basis for dimensioning of the biological stage are DWA-guidelines (such as A 126, A 131, M 210), work reports and extensive technical literature.

AQUA DESIGNER covers different forms of tanks, various kinds of cleaning processes, scraper or suction removal, membranes such as disc or tubular aerators, centrifugal or screw and airlift pumps. It also manages load variation with a range of temperatures, solid matter (MLSS) and loading, and determining oxygen income value.

Other AQUA DESIGNER functions include

  • Machine database for equipment technology including mixers, blowers, pumps and membranes
  • Interfaces such as Word, Excel, DXF for CAD-Software
  • Specification values for safety, fluctuation and peak factors
  • Editing constants, kinetic factors, concentrations or the density precipitant

AQUA DESIGNER meets industry standards that include

  • ATV-DVWK-A 198, Load and Hydraulic
  • DWA-A 131, Activated Sludge Systems
  • DWA-A 226, Activated Sludge Systems with extended aeration
  • DWA-M 210, SBR
  • DWA-A 202, Phosphate Elimination
  • DWA-M 227, MBR
  • DWA-A 229-1, Aeration Systems
  • DWA-M 368, Sludge Treatment
  • Metcalf & Eddy
  • MSIG, Malaysian Sewerage Industry Guidelines
  • DWA-M 22

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AQUA DESIGNER is one of the standard design programs for activated sludge plants in Germany and worldwide. The range of tools has been extended over the last few years to all important procedures and procedural stages.


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