Air Environment Air Quality Consulting Services for the Coal Seam, Shale and Conventional Oil and Gas Industries

Air Environment offers air quality consulting, monitoring, predictive modelling, impact assessment, and management services to a broad range of industries.

We aim to provide an accurate scientific method and results for clients while improving the understanding of air quality standards.

Air quality assessment for oil and gas environments

Air Environment offers both desktop and site consulting worldwide. We examine on-site operations to provide a customised, achievable solution.

Our detailed testing and reporting enable managers to verify that responsible and proactive action has been taken to regularly monitor air quality and odour compliance requirements.

Air Environment offers a variety of air quality services, including:

  • Assessments: air dispersion modelling and impact; greenhouse gas emissions; risk
  • Air policy and standards benchmarking and review
  • Air quality management plans
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Emissions estimation, benchmarking and inventory development
  • Environmental protection licence advice and negotiation
  • Expert advice and testimony
  • Source gas sampling
  • Technical review

Odour sampling and impact assessments

Air Environment has collected thousands of odour samples from a variety of sites and conducted hundreds of odour model simulations.

We regularly collect our own odour samples in the field, analyse them in our state-of-the-art odour testing laboratory and develop odour emission inventories based on laboratory reports, which we use to create atmospheric dispersion models for odour impact assessment.

We provide the following odour assessment services:

  • Odour sampling
  • Direct olfactometry
  • Laboratory odour concentration testing (AS4323.3), and odour intensity and hedonic tone testing (VDI3882.1/2)
  • Ambient odour intensity monitoring and field olfactometry
  • Odour dispersion modelling and impact assessment, including intensity assessment and source impact apportionment
  • Odour policy and standards benchmarking and review
  • Technical review
  • Expert advice and testimony

Odour dilution equipment

Air Environment operates Australia’s first Scentroid SS600 Dynamic Olfactometer, which is one of the world’s most advanced stationary fully automated laboratory dynamic olfactometers for measuring odour dilution levels.

The high-performance SS600 enables high-accuracy mass flow controllers, six simultaneous panellist measurements, shorter sample analysis times, and advanced contamination control. It is designed to minimise operational and sample analysis costs through reduced time consumption and sample volumes.

The accuracy and speed of the SS600 demonstrate Air Environment’s commitment to delivering the most accurate data for clients to assist the cost-efficiency of their decision-making and planning.

Odour and air quality measurement equipment

Air Environment is the exclusive distributor of Scentroid olfactometry and air quality measurement equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

This innovative range of equipment:

  • Stationary, portable and drone-mountable air quality monitors with a large range of gas sensors
  • Laboratory olfactometers
  • Portable olfactometers for field and laboratory use including the SM100i ultra-portable olfactometer that can be carried in a backpack for odour testing on-site, or at the boundary, and receptor
  • Air sampling equipment, including vacuum chambers, wind tunnels and witches hats
  • Air sample bags – Nalophan, PTFE, Tedlar, stainless steel
  • Air quality monitoring and modelling software for site emissions and complaints management

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