Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactor Technology Being Evaluated for Dissolved Gas Removal from Water

The oil and gas industry has utilised various deaeration technologies for many years to remove dissolved gases, particularly oxygen, from injection water.

Minimising the environmental impact, improving operating efficiency, avoiding process issues and protecting system components are just a few of the reasons why degassing is necessary in many hydro-carbon recovery and water processes.

Common methods of deoxygenation include installing a vacuum tower and / or chemical injection (for example, dosing water with sodium bisulfite). However, vacuum towers are bulky and use an enormous footprint.

They cannot be easily expanded to meet future demand and, in many cases, are not operated at optimal efficiency, because planned flow capacity may change after tower construction begins or even after installation.

Additionally, vacuum towers can also have long lead times so ordering must be done well in advance. Removing dissolved gases with chemicals requires storing large volumes of chemicals and handling by employees. Environmental regulations are becoming more stringent which increases chemical disposal costs.

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