Semiconductor Plant Improves Water Quality by Using Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors

A semiconductor plant in Taiwan is using Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors to remove dissolved gas from their ultra pure water (UPW) system. The UPW system is used to purify water used in the chemical mechanical polishing process (CMP) at the fab.

The water system was designed and built by United Purification Technologies in Taichung, Taiwan. The water system has two degasification stages. The first stage removes both carbon dioxide and oxygen from the water and the second stage is in the final polishing loop, where additional oxygen is removed to <5 ppb.

The UPW system uses CEDI (Ionpure) technology as the primary system to remove ions and charged particles from the water. The feed water to the system is first treated by reverse osmosis (RO). RO membranes are designed to remove ions, but gasses will freely pass through them. Analysis of the RO water found that about 7.5 ppm of carbon dioxide was present in the water.

Outlet water quality cannot be achieved if CO2 loading is high on the CEDI system. In order to lower the ionic load into the CEDI system, UPT installed a membrane contactor system.

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