Bluewater Bio becomes part of UK Prime Minister’s trade mission team, expands in India

Tatva will market and implement BwB water filter technology in India

Bluewater Bio (BwB) International, a UK-based water and wastewater treatment technology provider, has joined Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron's trade mission team to India, between 17 and 21 February 2013.

BwB has recently signed a partnership agreement with Indian environmental services conglomerate Tatva Global Environmental, to market its filtration product, FilterClear, in the country.

As part of the agreement, Tatva will market the filtration product, as well as undertake local assembly work and integration of the product.

Tatva will further promote BwB's FilterClear technology into the South-East Asian market.

BwB has marked its entry in the Indian water and wastewater equipment market by securing a INR102bn ($1.8bn) contract to provide filter technology for Nirlon Science and Knowledge Park's 'green campus' in the western suburbs of Mumbai, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Tatva incorporated the FilterClear technology into an 840m³ per day water reuse system at Nirlon's green campus.

Tatva Global Environmental owner and MD Jai Shroff said the company has added Bluewater Bio's technologies to its environmental solutions.

"We expect to add substantial value to our clients by offering a technology which out-performs existing solutions on a host of parameters," Shroff added.

Bluewater Bio International CEO Daniel Ishag said that being a part of the delegation to India is a major milestone for the company.

"We are delighted not only to have found a partner of Tatva's scale and reputation for our first foray into India, but also to be commissioning our first joint installation at an eco-development like the Nirlon Knowledge Park," Ishag added.

"Building on that flagship foundation we have already identified an ongoing pipeline in India of 12 potential projects with a combined sales value, for the FilterClear component, of approximately £6m."

The two companies are expecting water and wastewater treatment business to expand in India with increasing population, rise in income, changing lifestyles, which will lead to greater demand for drinkable water by 2050.

Image: Tatva will market and implement BwB water filter technology in India. Photo: Courtesy of destinelee.