Nigerian state signs contract to develop water supply system in Obudu


The government of Cross River, a coastal state in south-eastern Nigeria, has entered into a contract with Lillekers Brothers (Nigeria) and Gauff Ingenieue for the development of an ultra-modern water supply system in the Obudu area.

Under the two-year contract, valued at NGN3.6bn ($20m), Lillekers will undertake the civil construction works required for the water supply system, while the consulting firm Gauff Ingenieue will supervise the project.

After signing the contract on behalf of state government, Cross River commissioner for water resources, Elemi Etowa expressed pleasure that the entire Obudu urban and the surrounding communities will enjoy portable water supply 24/7 just as their counterpart parts in Calabar.

The government announced that it will use the Obudu dam project for executing the Obudu water scheme, which will see the development of five elevated and ground level water reservoirs to accommodate the maximum coverage.

According to water board project engineer Timothy Ntamu, the treatment plant will have a capacity to treat 3,000l³ of water per day and will be equipped with all the required components to improve reticulation and distribution of portable water to Obudu people.

Commenting on the project, the state's Acting Governor Efiok Cobham said the state is ready in all aspects to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) come 2015 and it will continue to support the lives of the rural populace by providing basic amenities required.

"The implementation of the World Bank assisted water scheme which was recently approved for us and Lagos state is very dear to our heart, especially as we strive towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and access to portable water will give us an edge in it realisation, " Cobham added.

Image: Kwa Falls in Cross River National Park that drains the eastern coast of the city of Calabar. Photo: Courtesy of Shiraz Chakera.

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