Puralytics launches new water purification unit

Puralytics, a US-based water purification company, has launched Shield 1500, a new water purification unit that employs LEDs to spur a nanotechnology mesh in order to power light-activated water purification process.

Besides achieving advanced disinfection and detoxification, the system sterilises pathogens and breaks down organic compounds.

Flexible in configuration, this unit has a small footprint, thereby making it easy to integrate and operate.

Further, it has low pressure drop and low maintenance requirements with no chemicals additives needed.

The unit is manufactured in the US.

Puralytics CEO Rick Lockett said: “Our nano-technology powered catalyst mesh is Puralytics’ core technology. It has tremendous capabilities to be applied to different types of units in water treatment.

“This innovative product, the Shield, has had great success in several pilot applications; with all the improvements, it will expand into new product formats and market applications. This advance provides us a design and performance road map for future applications of the Puralytics materials in partner devices and systems.”

The Shield was used in several applications such as to treat wastewater from analytical, medical, bioscience and research labs. It also has been the core part of water kiosks in Mexico's remote areas. In Sudan, several Shield units have been installed in banks to provide drinking water to their customers.

The new version not only produces up to 1500 gallons of water per day but also comes with other enhancements that include lower pretreatment requirements and an active electronics cooling system to allow operation in hotter environments and compatibility with much broader pumping options for off-grid applications.

Puralytics senior product development engineer Taylor Stockton said: “We are enthusiastic about the new Shield. This novel version will reduce cost significantly and therefore it’s going to be more accessible for applications around the globe.”

Puralytics is working on the Shield series for release later this year, including the High Flow Shield and Nano Shield for modular system applications.