Xylem to deliver Wedeco LBX Series UV disinfection system to Florida water treatment plant

Xylem, a water technology company, has won a contract to deliver its advanced Wedeco LBX Series UV disinfection system to bolster protection against cryptosporidium at the City of West Palm Beach Water Treatment Plant in Florida. 

Currently, the facility produces 47 million gallons of water per day (MGD) and treats water from East Clear Lake for potable use.

Following completion of the major upgrade, the facility will serve over 110,000 people and have a maximum treatment capacity of 50MGD.

Xylem’s Wedeco UV treatment solution will boost the plant’s protection capacity against cryptosporidium.

The UV disinfection system will also reduce the plant’s dependency on chlorine.

Unlike chemical-based disinfection such as chlorine, UV disinfection is a sustainable alternative. Chemical-based disinfection may create harmful by-products.

Xylem will supply six Wedeco LBX 1500e UV disinfection systems.

Intended for medium to large-scale wastewater treatment plants, industrial and water reuse applications, Xylem’s Wedeco LBX UV system is a closed-vessel, low pressure, high output amalgam UV system.

This  UV system has secured Title 22 acceptance from the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water.

Xylem North America business treatment sales director Greg Claffey said: “Our focus at Xylem is on helping customers to build resilient water infrastructure that ensures clean water supply to the public continuously and reliably in all conditions. As drinking water providers across the U.S. seek to heighten protection of drinking water supplies against cryptosporidium, we are pleased to be supporting this effort with our reliable, sustainable and cost-effective UV disinfection solutions.

"Our proven Wedeco LBX 1500e UV disinfection systems, specifically designed to add 4-log protection against cryptosporidium, were selected because they deliver the lowest life-cycle cost, primarily due to the energy efficiency of the low-pressure high-output (LPHO) Wedeco Ecoray lamps and the relative low head loss of the UV reactors.”