KISTERS Water Resources Information Management Systems

In the context of global economic action, the measurement of natural resources plays a more and more important role. More than 15 years of experience in the field of time-series management systems for natural resources makes KISTERS perfectly equipped to deliver water resources information systems.

Starting with the data stream for telemetry, KISTERS continues through to time-series management, visualization and interactive graphics, before producing a final report.


Water resources information management produced by KISTERS is used by hydro-meteorological services, flood warning and avalanche warning services, groundwater monitoring services and hydro-electric power generators.

We have acquired worldwide renown, and more than 1,000 hydrological workplaces around the globe are now equipped with KISTERS software.


The Hydrological Workbench is a Windows-based environmental data processing and analysis system in client / server architecture. It is available in two forms: the DBMS-based system WISKI, and the file-based system Hydstra.

It is able to track different environmental parameters such as water stage, groundwater level, discharge, precipitation, temperature, wind, snow, water quality and tidal data. It also collects and manages your hydrological time series data with outstanding spreadsheet functionalities.


The Hydrological Workbench is highly flexible, being equipped to manage full station registers for several station types, including surface and groundwater, climate, lakes and reservoirs, water quality, effluent and sewer stations.

It provides all of the necessary tools to manage your time series, such as an interactive graphical time series editor, statistics, reporting, and import and export. It can also automatically calculate derived values such as aggregated and long-term values, discharge via rating curves, user-defined calculations and import and export services.


The Hydrological Workbench provides continuous dataflow, from data acquisition and import, to report generation and data dissemination, within a single system. This hydrological data is managed in intelligent time series.

Its analysis tools are based on international standards, and it also possesses automatic processing tools for data exchange with other systems, export and reports. Furthermore, it integrates with GIS mapping functionalities.


Since workplaces are so different, especially in the field of hydrology, our water resources’ information system is very flexible to different configurations. The KISTERS Hydrological Workbench can be precisely adapted to your personal requirements by the use of our wide variety of optional functions.


The telemetry system has hardware especially designed for the communication task, and software that leaves nothing to be desired in the field of remote data transmission.


The fourth generation of BIBER, our discharge measurement and evaluation editor, contains new improvements, including manual and automatic recording of measured values. It also integrates with the rating curve editor, which supplies an unlimited number of rating curves, and possesses a graphical and tabular editor.


The water quality data management module facilitates the manual and automatic collection of sampling data, the flexible management of this data and the evaluation and representation of this date on the time series level. It can also automatically calculate loads, and generate water quality maps.


The alarm management module is an excellent integrative component. It can monitor events and thresholds, and distribute relevant messages to the system manager.


The time series viewer for standard and special file formats is independent of the time series’ time intervals. It has a configurable and synchronized display, with graphs and tables, and user-defined layout templates. It can also export to other file formats.


WISKI Web is a scalable system web reporting module for the vizualisation of time-series data via internet technology. It displays data in the form of lists, maps, graphs, and tables, and allows information to be downloaded in CSV, Excel, Word and PDF.


KISTERS provides a server for automatic data posting and report services, such as export or import procedures, data transmission via FTP, and the creation of HTML pages. We also supply a background server for plausibility checks on incoming raw date, the calculation of derived values and more.


The graphical strip chart recorder can collect time series or mass plots of any parameters on paper. The digitization can be connected directly to the hydrological workbench.

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Press Release

Ontario Clean Water Agency Selects WISKI 7 for Pilot Project as Potential Replacement for PDC System

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) is in the early stages of its procurement process to replace its existing water and wastewater process data collection system. In early 2010, OCWA initiated a project to define the needs of the agency's operations division for a new process data collection sy


Pascalstraße 8+10

52076 Aachen


+49 2408 9385 0 +49 2408 9385 555


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Press Release

24th June 2014

KISTERS is moving to a new headquarters in Aachen on 27 June.

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7th May 2014

KISTERS invites you to the WISKI User Conference 2014, 24-25 June. Please hurry to register!

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15th April 2014

KISTERS is pleased to invite you to the WISKI User Conference 2014 on 24-25 June in Aachen, Germany.

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20th March 2014

KISTERS AG is expanding its WISKI software substantially to include essential components. The measuring data management system of the Aachen-based software firm for water management now processes sampling data (metadata) and the accompanying physico-chemical water quality information, along with the usual hydrological values.

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7th February 2014

The Ontario Water Association (OWA) is the mouthpiece and nerve centre of the hydro power industry in the Canadian province.

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7th February 2014

Best Technical Papers awards were given to the strongest technical papers presented during HydroVision International 2013 in Denver, Colorado, US.

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7th February 2014

Consistent performance and continuity have their rewards.

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16th December 2013

KISTERS is running the WISKI User Conference 2014 on 24 and 25 June in Aachen, Germany. Repeating the success of 2012, German and international users will meet at this year's bilingual event. Simultaneous translation into both English and German is assured on both days.

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7th October 2013

Meteorological Technology World Expo 2013 takes place on 15th - 17th October at the Brussels Expo.

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22nd September 2010

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) is in the early stages of its procurement process to replace its existing water and wastewater process data collection system. In early 2010, OCWA initiated a project to define the needs of the agency's operations division for a new process data collection sy

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28th April 2009

WISKI As A Service is designed for non-time based consumers, universities and research institutes worldwide. The software industry shows a definite trend towards software leasing, particularly in the case of small to medium-sized enterprises. As an alternative for the traditional licen

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4th August 2008

Kisters North America is working with clients to help them develop ways to monitor their total water flows into and out of manufacturing facilities. Kisters provides solutions for clients to feed all their SCADA data directly into WISKI, as well as incorporating data collected from mete

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7th January 2008

WISKI7 has been released in version 7.0.9 and implemented in several international projects. The current focuses of WISKI7 are the German-speaking, Canadian and, as a TimeStudio replacement, the Australian market. Alberta Environment, city of Edmonton and Transalta Canada are some of th

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17th October 2006

Aachen/Canberra, October 2006 - The New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation decided to improve air quality monitoring with AQUISnet from KISTERS Germany. This confirms the corporate strategy of KISTERS that resource management is a global requirement best met by continuous effo

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Pascalstraße 8+10

52076 Aachen


+49 2408 9385 0 +49 2408 9385 555
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+41 71 791 91 00 +41 71 791 91 10
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Waikato Innovation Park

Hamilton 3214

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KISTERS Shanghai Software Development Co., Ltd.

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+86 21 6867 0119 801

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