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Rotork is a leading provider of robust and highly reliable electric, pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuation solutions for the global water industry.

Our extensive catalogue of products also includes a wide variety of control systems, valve gear boxes and accessories to address all manner of operational needs.

The company’s innovative solutions are designed to improve the operational efficiency of customers’ operations and are supported by the worldwide Rotork service network to ensure they achieve consistently excellent, long-lasting results.

High-quality actuators and ancillary solutions for water facilities

Rotork is able to provide a comprehensive selection of actuators, instruments and ancillary systems that have been specially developed to meet the most stringent requirements of the modern water industry.

Our robust solutions are characterised by their outstanding accuracy and efficiency, and have regularly proven to provide customers with the exacting level of precision and reliability required to successfully operate large-scale water operations.

Rotork’s systems also deliver numerous unique cost and emission saving benefits for water industry operators in order to further contribute towards safe, economical and environmentally friendly processes.

The company’s actuators are backed by Rotork’s full range of support services, including retrofitting and maintenance, which are available to clients worldwide.

Electric valve actuators and control systems for industrial applications

Rotork Controls Division is dedicated to providing clients with effective control and actuation solutions to address an all-inclusive list of applications, ranging from small-scale operations to large, highly complex industrial projects.

Rotork Controls’ versatile actuators and control systems are equally suitable for use in new facilities as extensions and upgrades to existing plants, and are covered by the company’s life-of-plant support services to ensure long service-life.

We operate one of the world’s largest dedicated sales and service networks, allowing us to deliver a local and personalised customer service experience that addresses the individual needs of our global customer base.

Additionally, the Rotork Instruments division manufactures and supplies an expansive portfolio of cutting-edge products designed to enable clients to accurately control and measure the flow and pressure of their valves to ensure optimum performance.

Rotork solutions are regularly relied upon wherever high precision and dependability are required, including the water, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas sectors.

High-torque fluid power valve actuators

Rotork Fluid Systems specialises in the development, production and global supply of premium-quality high-torque fluid power valve actuators that have been carefully optimised for water applications.

We are dedicated to maintaining the consistently high quality and safety of our products and are able to provide custom test systems to ensure their correct operation and functionality.

Our engineers are also available to provide valuable assistance during clients’ research and development activities upon request.

Heavy-duty valve actuators for wastewater sites

Rotork’s valve actuators have garnered wide praise within the industry for being among the most innovative, dependable, hard-wearing, user-friendly and watertight actuation solutions available on the market.

We are recognised as one of the world’s premier independent suppliers of robust and effective actuation solutions and our devices control thousands of valves currently in operation at industrial facilities located worldwide.

Our staff are committed to assisting operators and suppliers to increase the efficiency, safety and reliability of their facilities, while minimising overall operating costs across the project lifecycle.

Rotork is also able to help clients comply with the latest quality and safety standards, as well as maximise their use of resources and level of control over every aspect of the plant’s operations.

Watertight electric actuators for sewage plants

Rotork IQ actuators are completely watertight systems that are completely optimised for water and wastewater facilities, possessing a wide array of attributes that ensure suitability for every application in all areas of the plant.

Our smart IQ devices are equipped with advanced features such as our unique double-sealed enclosure unit and ‘non-intrusive’ infra-red commissioning system, in addition to effective predictive maintenance and data-logging solutions to maximise operational efficiency.

We are able to provide IQ valve solutions in almost any size or configuration, including isolating, modulating, rotary / multi-turn and quarter-turn variants, which can be supplied with watertight and hazardous area certification to all international quality and safety specifications.

Rotork also offers a line of AWT actuators, which are equipped with heavy-duty three-phase electric motors and simple, rugged mechanical drive systems, in addition to limit-switching capabilities and a selection of indication options to suit a wide range of operational needs.

Furthermore, our Skilmatic actuators feature an effective combination of easy electrical operation with powerful hydraulic control capabilities and a spring-powered failsafe system, resulting in a highly dependable, user-friendly actuation solution for industrial processes.

Valve gearboxes and accessories for plant equipment

Rotork Gears fabricates and stocks a wide selection of valve gearboxes and accessories for use in a comprehensive range of industrial processes, further contributing to the company’s reputation as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for customers’ actuation and control needs.

Rotork Gears also offers a full catalogue of auxiliary systems, including:

  • Switchboxes
  • Positioners
  • Solenoids
  • Spools
  • Pedestals
  • Extension spindles
  • Chainwheels
  • Handwheels

Our offering of gearbox products ranges from simple, manually operated units to highly specialised variants for unique subsea or buried valve applications, and are designed to enable multi and quarter turn IQ actuators to meet the high-torque specifications of larger valves and penstock structures.

Moreover, Rotork supplies innovative control and serial communications solutions, comprising the company’s Pakscan network system, plus open systems such as Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet and Foundation Fieldbus, facilitating a complete chain of reliability spanning from the individual valve to the control room to anywhere worldwide.

About Rotork

Rotork specialises in the provision of actuators and flow control equipment that has been carefully developed based on more than 60 years of experience serving the water industry and in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges it faces.

The Rotork group consists of four specialist actuation and flow control divisions, as well as the global Rotork Site Services unit that carries out a wide variety of scheduled and emergency support procedures such as retrofitting, inspections, overhauls and preventative maintenance operations.

More extensive, larger-scale projects can also be conducted when required in accordance with customers’ individual needs.

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Press Release

Irish Water Selects Rotork Solutions for Penstock Upgrade Project

Leading valve solutions provider Rotork is proud to announce that Ireland-based water utility Irish Water has chosen the company’s CKc modular electric actuation systems for installation as part of the modernisation of the KilKit Water Treatment Plant in County Monaghan.

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Press Release

13th June 2018

Leading valve solutions provider Rotork is proud to announce that Ireland-based water utility Irish Water has chosen the company’s CKc modular electric actuation systems for installation as part of the modernisation of the KilKit Water Treatment Plant in County Monaghan.

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28th February 2018

UK-based valve specialist Rotork is pleased to announce that the company’s CK Range electric valve actuator systems have been installed at China’s Guangdong Panyu Sewage Treatment Plant.

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11th January 2018

Rotork Instruments’ Fairchild brand specialises in the design and manufacture of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic components optimised for industrial control applications.

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24th September 2017

Rotork is pleased to announce that the company's IQ3 intelligent electric actuator system has been installed in order to improve flood protection in a coastal town in western Wales.

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17th September 2017

The Viseu Sul wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Viseu County, Portugal, has become the first in the country to utilise innovative membrane filtration (MBR) solutions in its operations.

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11th September 2017

Rotork's IQ3 actuators have been installed as part of a refurbishment project at the Rio Manso water treatment plant in Brumadinho, Brazil.

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23rd July 2012

Rotork CVA electric control valve actuators have been specified for critical flow control duties on heavy duty mineral processing machinery manufactured by Mineral Engineering Processes Ltd. (MEP).

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12th March 2012

Flow control specialist Rotork has extended the capabilities of the globally acknowledged Pakscan digital control system with the addition of a wireless option.

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5th February 2012

Rotork modulating electric valve actuators have been installed in an efficiency upgrade project at a large water treatment works serving the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam.

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11th January 2012

United Utilities, operator of one of the largest water and sewage treatment networks in the UK, has re-awarded the contract for the overhaul and maintenance of thousands of electrically operated valve actuators and associated equipment to Exeeco APS (Actuation, Projects and Services), a company in the Rotork flow control group.

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13th December 2011

Rotork is pleased to announce the acquisition of Fairchild Industrial Products Company, a manufacturer of high-precision pneumatic controls and power transmission products based in North Carolina, US.

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12th December 2011

Yorkshire Water has strengthened its relationship with Exeeco APS (Actuation, Projects & Service), the UK's largest valve actuator service provider, with the award of a service and repair framework contract.

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10th November 2011

The implementation of preventative maintenance as the main activity in an asset management programme quickly translates into cost savings for the plant operator.

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10th October 2011

Exeeco has been busy training Yorkshire Water field service engineers on Rotork's IQ and A Range electric valve actuators.

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15th September 2011

Rotork RC200 series pneumatic actuators have been installed for valve control and operation in a new water treatment plant at the Sisak Power Plant, south of Zagreb in Croatia. The Croatian national power company Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP) has invested €4m in the new plant, wh

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9th August 2011

Rotork’s recent acquisition, K-Tork International, has successfully completed a $1.9M retrofit contract for the supply and installation of valve actuators at the Las Vegas water & pollution control facility. In a desert area that barely sees 4” of rainfall per year, the use of reclaime

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6th June 2011

Rotork IQPro intelligent electric valve actuation technology will assist the operation of the largest and most advanced waste water treatment, water reuse and sludge treatment plant in the Middle East. Described as a 'landmark' project, the Doha North Sewage Treatment Works in Qatar has

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2nd June 2011

A compact Rotork actuated automatic backwashing filter is providing reliable, efficient and economical filtration of final effluent for drum thickener washing duty at a sewage treatment works on the south coast of England. Using filtered final effluent is saving the operator the considerable cost

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6th April 2011

Over 500 of Rotork's market-leading IQPro intelligent electric actuators have been supplied for valve control and operation throughout two new state-of-the-art water treatment plants serving the city of Wuxi in Jiangsu Province, 200 kilometres north of Shanghai. The new plants, which are owned by

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9th February 2011

Rotork IQPro intelligent electric valve actuators have been specified for a drinking water supply upgrade project for the benefit of two million consumers in the Harz Region of northern Germany. Rotork IQ isolating and IQM modulating actuators are being installed for the control of res

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8th February 2011

Thames Water Beckton is one of Europe's largest sewage treatment works, serving 3.5 million people in the area of east London. A £190 million improvement project is underway at the site that will enable it to treat up to 60% more sewage and fully treat increased flows during heavy rainfall.

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6th February 2011

One of the main considerations concerning the valve actuators at the Bens WWTP (waste water treatment plant) in Coruña, Spain, was its close proximity to the Atlantic coast and the resulting saline atmosphere in the area. It is well known that this environment is highly corrosive to exposed elect

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9th January 2011

Severn Trent Water's Minworth sewage treatment works, which serves around 1.75 million of Birmingham's population, is undergoing a major modernisation project that will improve the quality of the water put back into the River Tame and significantly upgrade the work's facilities, improving the qua

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9th December 2010

Welsh Water is investing £200m to upgrade its water treatment works across Wales by 2015. This includes the water treatment plant at Cwellyn, where Rotork's intelligent electric valve actuators have been installed to control the flow through a new state-of-the-art extension to the works.

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11th November 2010

The Wessex Water sewage treatment works at Swanage utilises state-of-the-art membrane bio-reactor technology to produce high-quality effluent that exceeds EU standards and is cleaner than the sea into which it is discharged. Now nearing completion, a major plant upgrade at the site is i

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