Verderflex Peristaltic Hose and Tube Pumps


Verderflex specialises in the manufacture of peristaltic pumps and other pumping solutions for a variety of industries. Our product range includes peristaltic pumps, dosing pumps, hose pumps, tube pumps, metering pumps, displacement pumps and water pumps.

Our products are robust, reliable and above all cost-effective. Our peristaltic pump range – Verderflex – has in particular gained prominence worldwide, particularly in dosing applications, applications involving abrasive and highly corrosive products and in high-maintenance situations.

The Verderflex Industrial hose pump stands apart from its competitors: it is a flexible, reliable peristaltic pump of robust construction capable of handling difficult products in arduous conditions.


The hose is the most important feature of peristaltic pumps and we have therefore ensured that the Verderflex hose is tough, long lasting and capable of with standing corrosive and abrasive applications. The Verderflex hose can also be used in other peristaltic pumps on the market.

One of the main differences between Verderflex and its key competitors is that a Verderflex pump allows the customer to choose a local gearbox supplier, thereby maximising local flexibility and reducing potential servicing problems.

Verderflex peristaltic pumps have a very gentle pumping action, which does not damage the pumped material which in itself is an advantage in many applications. These peristaltic pumps offer pumping capacities from 10L/hr to 80m³/hr (0.45gpm to 350gpm), discharge pressure of up to 16bar (230psi) and the pumps have a suction lift to 95% vacuum.


Verderflex metering pumps and displacement can be supplied with either close-coupled or robust long-coupled design, which offers maximum flexibility, meaning the pump is flexible enough to adapt to different applications. Due to the often-dangerous nature of the products pumped by Verderflex pumps, the range had been designed to provide maximum safety to the workforce and environment. The pump hose connection is disaster-proof – unlike other peristaltic pumps, the Verderflex range has a completely sealed hose connection that avoids leakage and eliminates any danger.


Verderflex pumps are incredibly accurate at dosing: they offer a repeatability accuracy of ±1% without any slip. Our water pumps have a have a vacuum capability of 95% or a 9.5m/31ft lift of water.


The Verderflex Smart range of laboratory peristaltic tube pumps allows dosing of small amounts of a wide variety of media in a number of processes in the food and beverage, water, chemical and other industries.


Verderflex has worked hard to create a design that meets the requirements of its customers. The Verderflex Smart series is a reliable, flexible, low-pressure peristaltic pump. The actual design is the result of research carried out over a number of years.

The illuminated central display is easy to read from all angles and its menu has been designed so that it is simple and logical to navigate. As there is no pump head beside the display it can be operated by left and right-handed people and they are large enough to be operated even when wearing gloves. The position of the pump head allows in-line, "kink-free" pumping.

Unlike other complex front-loading systems, the easy-fit tube saddle is designed for one-handed operation and is based on the design of a ski boot fastener, allowing the tube to be loaded easily from above.

The all-terrain water-protected design (IP55) means it is capable of withstanding harsh environments but is also suitable for laboratory applications. The pump head has its own bearings, removing the load from the drives and therefore giving the pump a longer life.

Verderflex pumps are renowned for providing top-quality solutions for an array of problems within process industries around the world.

Verderflex® Vantage 3000 peristaltic cased tube pump

The Verderflex® Vantage 3000 range of tube pumps offer highly accurate, repeatable dosing, for low to medium flow. They are ideally suited for water and waste water applications including:

  • Dosing and metering treatment chemicals and reagents, including ferric chloride ("Ferric"), sodium hypochlorite ("Hypo"), chlorine water, lime (Kalic® or Kalkmilch), caustic soda, powder activated carbon and polymers
  • Sampling of chlorine and pollutants
  • The deodorising process

The Vantage 3000 operates at pressures of 2 Bar and is available to the end user in three drive options:

  • B model – standard on / off, left / right function
  • C model – remotely controlled analogue operation
  • P model – dispensing, programmable and remote operation

A key feature of the Vantage 3000 is the easy tube load head, which can be changed in just three very easy, simple steps without any tools in seconds, therefore reducing downtime. Additional pump heads can be simply fitted to the pump, for simultaneous multiple dosing from a single pump.

Peristaltic tube pumps contain liquid in the tube, eliminating the risk of contamination. This makes a peristaltic pump the perfect choice for aseptic applications, where hygiene and sterility are critical to the process.

Additionally, a favourite feature is the Verderflex® Vantage 3000’s programmable timed dosing option. This reliably dispenses a preset liquid volume, offering accurate and repeatable dosing up to ± 0.5%, with no product slip, providing piece of mind dosing and dramatically speeding up this process.

The Verderflex® Vantage 3000 peristaltic pump has proven remote control capabilities, with inputs for both a remote stop / start and a four to 20 mA speed control it is easily integrated into a manufacturer’s equipment.

Subject to material compatibility, the Verderflex Vantage 3000’s tubing is certified to FDA CFR 21, EC 1935/2004, USP class VI & NSF and can be sterilised by autoclaving, gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide.

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Press Release

Pumps Contribute to Cost Savings and Boost Production in South Africa

Supplier of pumps and accessories, Verder Pumps South Africa (VPSA), says that the use of the VF125 pump range contributes to cost savings and increased productivity at platinum mines. This was seen at a precious-metal producer's concentrator upgrade project, near Rustenburg, where VPSA

White Papers

Verderflex Pumps: Industrial Peristaltic, Rapide Tube, Dura and Industrial Hose Pumps

This free white paper from Verderflex gives an insight into what features companies who use their range of pumps can expect to benefit from.

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Press Release

6th September 2017

Verderhus® screw centrifugal pump systems are able to handle a wide range of flowable slurries, viscous sludges and abrasive media, making them the ideal solution for wastewater applications.

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17th July 2017

The Netherlands-based Verder group is a family owned organisation that was founded more than five decades ago, consisting of a global network of distribution and production companies.

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12th June 2017

Verderflex is pleased to announce the Dura range of high-pressure, low-volume pumps, which represent the first real advance in hose pump technology since the advent of the high-pressure hose.

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6th March 2017

The Verderflex® Rapide range of industrial tube pumps provides a selection of peristaltic pumps that are both versatile and simple to operate.

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11th January 2017

The world's demand for laminated furniture, worktops and flooring continues to grow, with increasing demand for toughened surfaces leading to greater use of an abrasive resistant paper (ARP) coated surface. Traditional pumping solutions experience high rates of abrasive seal wear and require increased maintenance, problems not experienced with a Verderflex Rollit.

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1st June 2016

Visit Verder at IFAT, one of the leading trade fairs worldwide for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

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4th January 2016

A leading international wastewater instrumentation manufacturer is now using peristaltic pumps from Verderflex as part of its wastewater sampler systems.

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29th May 2015

Peristaltic pumps manufacturer Verderflex will be taking part at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany between 15 and 19 June 2015, in partnership with its German distributor Verder Deutschland.

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22nd April 2015

Following the highly successful, class-leading Verderflex Dura 45 hose pump, Verderflex are proud to announce an expansion to the range, the Verderflex Dura 55. This innovative, superbly engineered pump is designed to deliver over 20% more flow, increasing the Dura Hose pump family's flow range.

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2nd February 2015

China is one the world's largest manufacturers of electronics and the largest consumer of semi-conductor products, accounting for around 40% of global consumption.

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1st July 2014

The challenge: a water treatment plant in the US state of Georgia uses several wells to provide its residents and industries with fresh water.

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30th May 2014

World Pumps China magazine, published by Ringier Trade Media Ltd, has announced Verder Liquids BV as the winner of the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for the pumps and valves industry.

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6th May 2014

Verderflex will be exhibiting its peristaltic pumps at IFAT, Munich, Germany, 5-9 May.

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30th April 2014

The challenge: an industrial wastewater treatment company required a cost-effective solution to pumping polyelectrolyte.

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29th January 2014

Verderflex introduces the Dura 5 and Dura 7 high-pressure low-volume dosing pumps.

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12th November 2013

A leading multinational electronics company with numerous plants across South Korea has for many years been using metering pumps for dosing aluminium sulphate in their wastewater treatment facilities.

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8th October 2013

At a wastewater treatment plant in Dekalb County, Georgia, progressing cavity pumps experienced dry running problems and consequential high maintenance costs when dosing flocculent.

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8th October 2013

There is a simple and 100% interchangeable alternative to solve your problems.

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7th October 2013

Verder Inc., the United States partner of Verderflex peristaltic pumps, was able to use its expertise to overcome persistent problems at a North Carolina water and wastewater treatment plant.

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1st October 2013

At a wastewater treatment plant in Dekalb County, Georgia, progressing cavity pumps gave dry running problems and consequential high maintenance costs when dosing flocculent.

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1st October 2013

For dosing sodium hypochlorite, fluoride and alum, there is a simple and 100% interchangeable alternative to solve your problems. Pumps losing prime? Trouble with chlorine residuals? The solution: Verderflex Dura.

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22nd July 2013

Every time a hose pump replaces a process slurry pump, it saves more than 1,100 million litres of water annually, because of the slurry pump's inefficiency: on the same duty, the hose pump requires less than 25% of the process water of a slurry pump.

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16th July 2013

The AySA San Martin plant situated in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires serves around eight million people and treats around 3,000,000m³ of water a day.

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3rd May 2013

After decades of uncontrolled industrial (mining) activities, water supply is under serious threat.

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17th April 2013

Verderflex® industrial peristaltic pumps are extremely robust pumps, ideal for heavy duty operations on intermittent or continuous duty cycles.

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8th April 2013

Peristaltic pumps are a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. The fluid is contained within a flexible hose or tube fitted inside the pump casing.

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15th March 2013

After launching the new Verderflex website in 2012, Verderflex are pleased to announce that the website is available to view in Spanish.

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19th November 2012

The hoofcount footbath counts the cows through the bath and refreshes the water and chemical after a preset number of cows.

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18th October 2012

A gas manufacturing company requested an effective method for transferring lime slurry from below storage tanks to tanker trucks. The company was using vacuum trucks and required a more reliable pumping process.

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4th October 2012

By design, the peristaltic pump is ideal for the dependable handling of abrasive, corrosive, viscous, high density and high solid content fluids. It thrives in those applications where other pumps fail.

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4th October 2012

The Dura 45 is the latest in the class leading Verderflex Dura family of industrial peristaltic pumps.

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4th October 2012

The new Verderflex website offers its distributors and customers the 'one safe source' in which to access worldwide VF product information.

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2nd September 2010

Supplier of pumps and accessories, Verder Pumps South Africa (VPSA), says that the use of the VF125 pump range contributes to cost savings and increased productivity at platinum mines. This was seen at a precious-metal producer's concentrator upgrade project, near Rustenburg, where VPSA

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16th August 2010

This September Verder will be attending IFAT, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. The trade fair exhibits the most important new developments and sevices within the industies and boasts high-level contacts, live demonstrations, over 2500

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11th March 2010

A British-made Verderflex peristaltic hose pump has certainly proved excellent value for money for a Swedish energy and environmental technology company. It was chosen to dose carbon slurry, a task to which the company's previous pumps were proving inadequate. The first Verderflex model was insta

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1st March 2010

The world's most advanced peristaltic hose pump, the Verderflex Dura, will be showcased at two exhibitions in Europe over the coming weeks with our international group distributors. At the CFIA in Rennes, France, commencing on Monday 8 March, our international colleagues Verder Fran

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28th February 2010

CETCO Oilfield Services is working with Verderflex for the pump requirements in its FlexTreat™ system. The water treatment division at CETCO Oilfield Services specialises in the removal of hydrocarbons, solids, toxic materials and other contaminants from oilfield wastewater streams prod

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8th February 2010

Verderflex has considerable manufacturing aptitude and its Basildon factory exemplifies the company’s ability to design and manufacture special tube pumps. Its application knowledge and production investment provides a unique resource for OEMs and systems integrators alike to specify pumps w

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8th February 2010

The benefits of using a UK-manufactured Verderflex peristaltic pump to remove yeast from fermented wine are manifold. This peristaltic pump is self priming, dry running, provides constant flow to the filter press at increasing pressure and requires little maintenance. These qualities have met the

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8th February 2010

Although only introduced last year, the Verderflex Aura peristaltic dosing pump is already making waves. This model is ideal for low-flow, high-pressure dosing applications and the facilities that are already benefiting from its introduction include leisure centres, swimming pools and saunas.

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17th December 2009

Sermat is a battery factory for the automotive market based in the city of Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Founded in 1961, Sermat grew its reputation through stringent quality control standards in its aim for unquestionable product quality. When it comes to the manufacturing process these sam

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23rd November 2009

The City of Eagan in North Minnesota, US, required a pump capable of accurately dosing 15% sodium hypochlorite or 'hypo' for its new wastewater treatment plant. Hypo has outstanding disinfection properties. It is used in wastewater treatment to kill off bacteria before being dischar

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29th October 2009

Peterson Packaging, based in Denmark, had been experiencing problems when transferring ink from storage containers to rollers on its print machines. The air diaphragm pumps that the company was using were unable to transfer the water-based ink gently enough, which led to bubbles forming in the in

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23rd September 2009

After the startling success of the initial Verderflex Dura range of peristaltic pumps, GPM Pumps is delighted to announce the launch of the Verderflex Dura 35 as the latest addition to this ground breaking Verderflex Dura range of hose pumps. The Verderflex Dura range is a genuine adv

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30th July 2009

A vanadium facility, located in South Africa is winning vanadium from titaniferous magnetite. The titaniferous magnetite is processed in various stages, using a.o. precipitation tanks and various positive displacement and transfer pumps. Vanadium occurs naturally in about 65 different m

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30th July 2009

Your body needs to run continuously and to do this it needs to have a strong heart in the centre of the process. Just like the heart, Verderflex and Verder offer strong, reliable pumps. The best technology for your process. To keep your pump working at its best you need to kee

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26th July 2009

"A pump so reliable - it's only downtime is for hose replacement and annual plant maintenance," said Xstrata Alloys Rhovan's acting HOD Christelle van Vuuren, regarding the Verderflex pump installed at the operation's precipitation plant. Located in Bethanie, North-West Province, South

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5th July 2009

Verderflex Tube Pumps chose the recent international chemical processing exhibition, Achema 2009 in Frankfurt, to launch its new Verderflex Aura dosing pump. The positive response to this newcomer at the show confirmed this product has significant sales potential for low flow, high pressure dosin

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1st July 2009

The following positions are available: Chartered Engineer The ideal candidate will: be a chartered engineer be competent in the use of CAD, preferably Solid Works or Pro Engineer have experience in developing complete products up to

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6th May 2009

As the Verder Group celebrates its 50th anniversary, the South African operation is also celebrating more than 50 VF125 pumps sold since the company was established in 2002. Verder Pumps SA (VPSA), part of the International Verder Group, provides first-class solutions as part of the liq

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30th March 2009

Verder Pumps' wastewater treatment new generation peristaltic pump has the following benefits: Simple operation - few moving parts Easy to maintain - replace the hose in situ Low cost ownership - no parts needed, keep only the hose in stock

Read more

4th March 2009

Verder's industrial hose pump has a unique design and enhanced construction. The hoses are specifically designed to reduce pump failure caused by fatigue between the rubber layers and reinforcement; the hose is the only part to come into contact with the circulating fluid. The pump has

Read more
24th August 2007

Yorkshire Water is one of the principal water and waste water treatment companies in the UK and had a problem with a lime dosing application at the Ruswarp Water Treatment Works near Whitby, Northern England. Lime dosing is a classical Verderflex® application with many inst

Read more
2nd August 2007

The new 2007 Verderflex Dura peristaltic pump brochure is now available to download. The Verderflex Dura is one of the most advanced peristaltic pump available on the market today. VERDERFLEX DURA PERISTALTIC PUMP The DURA series form a new generation of smaller hose pu

Read more
18th July 2007

The new 2007 Verderflex peristaltic pump brochure is now available to download. Verderflex peristaltic pumps are a comprehensive range of peristaltic hose pumps with hose diameters from 5mm (3/16in) to 125mm (5in). PERISTALTIC PUMPS Verderflex peristaltic pumps have fl

Read more
11th May 2007

Wastewater is often a difficult media to pump due to the high solid content and/or its abrasive nature. Understanding the problems in this industry Verder provides quality, robustly constructed pumps capable of carrying out this difficult application. Recent changes within the industry show that

Read more
28th March 2007

The Verder Group and Samuel Hodge have announced that they have reached an in principle agreement under which the Verder Group will acquire 100% of the shares in Autoclude Ltd. Autoclude designs and manufactures peristaltic pumps, mainly for the OEM and the laboratory market. The compa

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