Endress+Hauser Leading Innovations for Water Cycle Optimisation

Global access to clean potable water, as well as the improvement of the environment by managing wastewater effluent, are significant challenges for governments and the water industry alike.

With the ever-increasing trend towards more demanding legislation, coupled with the need for higher plant efficiency and quality, the time has come to employ intelligent solutions, innovative technologies and new strategies in engineering, plant building and operations.

Endress+Hauser can be your experienced partner for instrumentation and automation in the water and wastewater industry. Benefit from our decades of practical know-how in instrumentation and automation. We work with our customers to improve plant reliability and optimise energy expenditure, materials and maintenance.

Promag W 400

The Promag W 400 is an electromagnetic flow measuring system, and is useful for water and wastewater applications. With its compact and efficient design, it is suited for meeting the requirements of the water and wastewater industry. The product comes with certified corrosion protection (EN ISO 12944) needed for submerged or direct burial installations, as well as an integrated web server which enables fast commissioning. With is simple and efficient installation, and reliable, intuitive nature, it provides an easy-to-use tool for your needs.

Furthermore, the electromagnetic measuring principle is not adversely impacted upon by extreme pressures and temperatures, while the flow profile has a negligible effect on results offered.

Promag W 800

Following on from the easily usable Promag W 400, this battery-run measuring device comes with GSM/GPRS communication capabilities, offering wireless transmission. There is no mains supply needed, and its streamlined design still allows it to carry all necessary components, such as batteries and a GSM/GPRS modem.

Config 5800 software allows for easy commissioning, and it is not vulnerable when exposed to varying processes.

Prosonic Flow B 200

For your gas measurement needs, the Prosonic Flow B 200 is an accurate and reliable tool, which functions under variable conditions to offer highly optimised performances, and also real-time measurement results.

Its pioneering, industry specific measuring abilities enable it to offer accurate biogas readings, even varying gas compositions and low flow velocities.

Liquiline CM448

Endress+Hauser’s Liquiline CM448 is a multiparameter modular four-wire controller, which comes in one / two, four or eight channels variations, and can also be extended at any time. For use in industrial and environmental applications, it is easily commissionable, usable, adaptable and maintainable.

The sturdy, corrosion-resistant product has been designed for use in a number of different applications, for instance, in the following industries:

• Water and wastewater
• Food and beverages
• Power plants
• Chemical industry
• Further industrial applications

Liquistation CSF48

This stationary sampler comes with a whole host of useful features, making it a complete, one-stop shop measuring station. It is strong and trustworthy, with four different housing materials for installation purposes, as well as a two-door housing for sample preservation.

Guidance via its simple menu makes it simple to use, while split bottle trays allows for easy transportation. Add to this the fact that it can easily be dismounted for quick cleaning and maintenance, and it’s clear that it is one of the most user-friendly products of its type available.

Alongside these features, the Liquistation CSF48 is adaptable, safe to use and highly interactive, eliminating any doubts about its compatibilities.

Prosonic S FMU90

The applications for the Prosonic S FMU90 are numerous, both in terms of level measurements and flow measurements. Take for example its measuring range of up to 70m, its ability for constant measurement of fluids, pastes and powdery / coarse base materials and time pulse output for the control of external units, and much more besides, once again it proves to be a valuable product which you can’t afford to be without.

Cerabar S PMC71

There are many advantages which come from using the Cerabar S PMC71, some of which are listed here.

• It offers very good reproducibility and long-term stability
• It enables high reference accuracy: up to ±0.075%, as PLATINUM version: ±0.05%
• Commissioning times are quick, thanks to a quick setup menu
• It includes extensive diagnostic functions
• It can be used for process pressure monitoring of up to SIL3, certified according to IEC 61508 by TÜV SÜD

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Press Release

Liquiport 2000 Ex – ATEX II2G Portable sampler

The Liquiport 2000 Ex offers uncompromisingly more security without any loss in functionality and operational comfort, all at an unbeatable price. Wastewater is a real cost factor for both industry and local authorities. By means of an exact measurement of the pollution factor costs can be ma

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Press Release

9th March 2004

The Liquiport 2000 Ex offers uncompromisingly more security without any loss in functionality and operational comfort, all at an unbeatable price. Wastewater is a real cost factor for both industry and local authorities. By means of an exact measurement of the pollution factor costs can be ma

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12th December 2003

12th November 2003 - Information is the pivotal point of our thoughts and actions. Information determines our everyday lives and, of course, our everyday working lives in particular. It provides you with a competitive advantage in a controlled manner and thereby an increase in concentrated ac

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12th December 2003

12th December 2003 - PROline Prosonic Flow by Endress+Hauser, an ultrasonic flowmeter, is particularly practical to install as both sensors of the system are simply attached to the exterior wall of a pipe; that is, the pipe does not have to be opened. Even in places that are difficult

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12th December 2003

12th December 2003 - "Evolution by innovation" is the slogan of PROline, the current generation of electromagnetic flow-measuring systems by Endress+Hauser that has continued its 25 years of success for the last three years. Now, Promag 10, a basic device, will be launched to complement it.

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12th December 2003

12th December 2003 - CE-4 is the new automatic measurement station with integrated water sampler for continuous monitoring of on-line parameters in liquid media, including nitrate and TOC (UV) Application areas: Drinking water - Monitoring water supplies a

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12th December 2003

12th December 2003 - Endress+Hauser offers robust analyzers in a compact stainless steel or fibre-glass reinforced plastic housing for the monitoring and automation of complete sewage treatment plants and industrial processes. In accordance with established and standardised colorimetr

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17th December 2002

Expensive devices are now mostly used for COD, BOD, TOC determination. These devices are not only expensive in terms of initial outlay, but also in their maintenance. The part ranges captured, however, are not identical, which means that each of these measured values has a different significance. Fo

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13th December 2002

Disinfectants as chlorine and chlorine dioxide are used for the treatment of water in cases of water-supply, industrial processes and in swimming pools. On the one hand it is indispensable to measure out the disinfectant to a sufficient degree to guarantee the demanded sterility but o

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11th December 2002

The new generation of electromagnetic flowmeters is based on a concept which can best be described as "evolution through innovation". Thanks to many years of practical experience, flowmeters have come to be which, alongside innovations, offer solution packages for typical measurement

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13th November 2002

With the new Liqui-Port 2000 Endress+Hauser now offers a portable water sampler of the latest generation. The samples are taken with the aid of a peristaltic pump. Sample volumes of 20 to 9999 ml can be taken from a suction height of 6 metres over a maximum distance of 30 metres. The samples taken c

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12th November 2002

When a highly precise ceramic pressure sensors with long-term stability for reliable and safe water measurement is required, the rope probe from Endress+Hauser is the solution. The FMX 167 Waterpilot is an economical hydrostatic pressure sensor with an external diameter of 22mm. The d

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7th November 2002

In recent years, waste water treatment plant operators efforts have increasingly been aimed at devising economically efficient processes in waste water and sludge treatment besides actually eliminating pollutants from water. Focussing on the process, this guide from Endress+Hauser provides a deep in

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