Cambium Networks Scalable and Secure Wireless Broadband Solutions for the Water Industry

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Cambium Networks specialises in the development and supply of innovative end-to-end wireless connectivity systems for a wide variety of industrial applications worldwide.

Our solutions are designed to provide water companies with intelligent, scalable and secure Cloud-managed networks that deliver robust communication and connectivity capabilities in the most demanding operating environments.

We are committed to continuous innovation in the fields of wireless access and broadband communication, and our industry-leading solutions have been deployed to provide advanced connectivity across thousands of networks globally.

Scalable Cloud-based communications networks for water operators

Cambium Networks’ state-of-the-art wireless broadband technologies enable service providers, public safety organisations and water utility companies to establish robust communications networks that optimise operations and managerial efficiency.

Our scalable Wi-Fi platforms are managed by user-friendly, Cloud-based software systems and can be supplied in either point-to-point (PTP) or point-to-multipoint (PMP) variants depending on customers’ individual needs and intended application.

Cambium Networks’ high-performance wireless broadband solutions are able to span distances of up to 200km to provide high-speed connectivity to remote areas, while allowing users to manage and control their business Wi-Fi infrastructure with an effective combination of clear end-to-end network visibility and practical actionable analytics.

Customisable wireless broadband technology for water utilities

Cambium Networks’ communications technologies have been specially developed to increase the safety and efficiency of users’ operations and coverage can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific water utility.

Our flexible network solutions can be quickly customised by planners and utility operators to reach urban, suburban and rural locations as required, while providing the necessary security, reliability and throughput to achieve seamless communication capabilities with minimal investment in additional infrastructure.

Cambium Networks platforms are able to effortlessly integrate video, voice and internet communications such as email and web traffic with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and programmable logic controller (PLC) data gathered from remote stations, sensory units and control points. All information is subsequently combined on one user-friendly, IP-based interface, which is easily managed from a single, centralised, end-to-end view of users’ communication networks for maximum efficiency.

Our easy-to-use platforms offer significant benefits, enabling users to improve service quality and minimise operational costs, while simultaneously reducing security risks, unwanted service downtime and overall maintenance requirements.

Cambium Networks’ solutions are also able to facilitate a site’s migration from legacy communication systems, in addition to allowing operators to consolidate multiple applications under a single network and providing the necessary technological infrastructure to accommodate future expansions.

Reliable point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) connectivity for water networks

Cambium Networks’ 450 platform is a cutting-edge wireless access solution that has been carefully optimised to achieve consistently excellent connection rates, reach, reliability and throughput for industrial networks.

Our 450 system is available in both PTP and PMP configurations depending on clients’ requirements and is intended to offer a practical, revenue-maximising multimedia service capability, while supporting continued growth and expansion.

The 450 solution enables water utility operators to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity for video, voice and data streaming across large service areas, ranging from urban facilities to remote and rural locations.

This versatile platform also supports 3G / 4G mobile data offloading, leased line replacement, smart-grid advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), video surveillance, and traffic monitoring and control operations, addressing a comprehensive range of connection requirements from a single source.

In addition, the PMP 450 solution’s pioneering GPS synchronisation capabilities and ease-of-integration with customers’ existing wireless systems make the platform ideal for applications requiring consistently reliable, high-capacity broadband networks.

Offshore and over-water communication solutions for multi-service networks

Cambium Network’s PTP 820 platform is a powerful microwave backhaul system that combines pioneering networking functionality with industry-leading microwave technologies to provide a next-generation connectivity solution for water utilities worldwide.

Our adaptable PTP 820 series system is designed for modulation across bandwidths above 2048 QAM and is able to support licensed frequency bands from 6GHz-38GHz, which enables a wide selection of configurations to address an all-encompassing range of water sector applications and requirements.

The platform’s high-density nodes and in-built radio components facilitate a high degree of flexibility when switching between split-mount and fully outdoor settings, while its innovative line-of-sight (LoS) and multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) capabilities have been developed to ensure optimum throughput and spectral efficiency during operation.

High-speed data transfer systems for industrial water monitoring

Cambium Networks’ PTP 820 solution enables customers to achieve digital water meter aggregation by leveraging advanced smart metering technology and dependable backhaul communication systems.

Our platform allows users to effortlessly export SCADA and PLC process data via high-speed connectivity, which can be used to facilitate real-time, low-latency monitoring and control of operations across the entire facility.

Operators are able to connect to thousands of individual locations via a sophisticated, highly synchronised network that allows radio frequencies (RF) to be re-used throughout the communication group in order to establish the highest possible connectivity rates in the least amount of space.

About Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks is dedicated to supplying clients with cutting-edge solutions that increase network visibility and provide outstanding broadband connectivity for industrial management and data transfer applications.

Our solutions are designed to enable the water sector to take advantage of the ever-increasing possibilities offered by Internet of Things (IoT) networking, including expanded bandwidth, data transmission and video steaming capabilities, even in the industry’s harshest operating environments.

Furthermore, the company’s smart communications systems have been specifically developed to adapt and evolve in accordance with the latest technologies to ensure optimum compatibility with current and future networks.

Please contact the company via the enquiries form or follow the links in the contact details for more information regarding Cambium Networks’ portfolio of wireless connectivity solutions for water utility applications.

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Press Release

Terragraph Connectivity Technology to be Integrated in cnWave 60 GHz Wireless System

Global wireless networking solutions provider Cambium Networks has announced that they are working with Facebook to build high-speed connectivity solutions using Terragraph.

White Papers

Water Utilities Choose Fixed Wireless Broadband Communications

This application paper refers to actual field results from two utilities in the southwestern United States.

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Press Release

15th March 2019

Global wireless networking solutions provider Cambium Networks has announced that they are working with Facebook to build high-speed connectivity solutions using Terragraph.

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5th February 2019

Leading global provider of wireless networking solutions Cambium Networks has announced that that the standard factory warranty on selected equipment will be extended at no additional charge to customers.

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2nd January 2019

India’s leading information technology value-added reseller (VAR) focused media publication VARINDIA has awarded Cambium Networks with the 2018 Wi-Fi Vendor of the Year Award.

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29th October 2018

Cambium Networks has received the Manufacturer of the Year award from Wireless ISP Association (WISPA) members for the second year in a row.

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1st October 2018

A Cambium Networks PTP 650 wireless broadband link is being used to transmit a live video feed across 56 miles of water and coastal land to report on the conditions of Hurricane Florence.

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Cambium Networks has launched its latest Wi-Fi access system, the new cloud-managed, enterprise-class cnPilot e700, which has been specially optimised for outdoor environments and applications.

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3rd August 2018

Wireless connectivity systems specialist Cambium Networks is pleased announce that disaster preparedness and response teams have entered a new era, where high-quality internet solutions are playing an increasingly vital role in ensuring operations are carried out successfully.

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3rd July 2018

US-based wireless connectivity systems provider Cambium Networks is delighted to report that the company has received a five-star rating in the 2018 edition of The Channel Company brand CRN’s Partner Program Guide for the second year in a row.

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26th June 2018

US-based wireless broadband specialist Cambium Networks is pleased to announce a new range of networking systems that have been designed to meet the increasing demand for streaming video and high-throughput performance worldwide.

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