WaterGroup Aims to Save One Billion Litres of Water with New IoT-Based Service

WaterGroup Aims to Save One Billion Litres of Water with New IoT-Based Service


Leading Australian water savings solutions provider WaterGroup has announced an innovattive new service that will allow large water users to save millions in water use.

One of the greatest challenges facing any large user of water in Australia is not being able to identify and rectify water leaks.

This results in the loss of more than 200 billion litres of water each year.

That's according to Guenter Hauber-Davidson, the Managing Director of WaterGroup, which has helped clients achieve over 300 million litres in water savings in the past 12 months.

Hauber-Davidson said: "Most organisations discover they have a leak on their site only when their quarterly bill arrives, and these bills can be massive.

"I know of one company that lost $220,000-worth of water over three years across its property portfolio.

"It is to prevent water losses such as these that has prompted WaterGroup to launch a unique service, which has the potential to realise billions of litres of water savings a year and seven-digit figure savings in costs in Australia."

The key to the new service, called Leak Insuranceā„¢ is that WaterGroup is able to use Sigfox-based smart water meters to identify a leak on a customer site effectively as soon as it occurs.

This enables customers to take the appropriate action to avoid further loss of water, eliminate the risk of damage to their property and to deliver large savings in water costs.

WaterGroup's Leak Insurance service is targeted at educational institutions such as universities, high schools and primary schools, recreational facilities such as sports clubs, and care facilities such as hospitals and aged-care complexes. The annual cost is as little as $395.

The first step, once an organisation contacts WaterGroup, will be to establish if the organisation is eligible for this offer.

WaterGroup will then install a logger onto the customers' existing water meter within two to four weeks, at no cost to the customer.

Hauber-Davidson notes: "With the customer's water meter now smart-enabled with an IoT-based logger, we can collect data in real time and this will enable us to identify any leak pretty much as soon as it occurs.

"This, in turn, will enable the customer to respond more quickly to a leak, take action and thereby avoid further water losses while realising major cost savings in water costs.

"This launch is a natural evolution of our services, and our proud track record of delivering water savings to Australian businesses and institutions over the past ten years gives us a really good base to plan and price this offer."

In launching this service, WaterGroup is looking to build on its previous successes with customers who have been using WaterGroup's smart water metering to achieve significant savings, namely:

  • One WaterGroup customer, Fairfield Council, is saving $4,500 a month as a result of early leak detection
  • A second WaterGroup customer, Australian National University (ANU), found over $300,000-worth of savings within six weeks of a smart meter system being installed
  • A third customer, a major retailer, has been saving 41,300kL per year of water, thanks to WaterGroup monitoring water use at its 160-plus stores. This is the equivalent to a bottom line saving of more than $12,000 each and every month for the past three years

Hauber-Davidson adds: "It is successes such as these that have enabled WaterGroup to help its customers realise water savings of over 300 million litres and cost savings of over $1m in the past 12 months.

"With our new Leak Insurance service we are looking to dramatically step up our water conservation effort.

"We want to help new customers achieve over a $1m in cost and billions of litres in water savings within the next 18 months."